Definition of outpace in English:



[with object]
  • Go, rise, or improve faster than.

    ‘he outpaced all six defenders’
    ‘import growth outpaced export growth in the second quarter’
    • ‘One in 10 Scottish jobs are in the financial industry and it has outpaced the growth of the Scottish economy by five times over the past five years.’
    • ‘Imagine two galaxies fleeing from each at a faster and faster rate, finally reaching a relative speed that outpaces light.’
    • ‘For 90 minutes the visitors found themselves outmuscled, outplayed and outpaced, yet twice they sneaked into the box, and twice they scored.’
    • ‘Current and capital accounts are in surplus and Asia's growth is outpacing the rest of the world, it said.’
    • ‘In those early days she consistently outpaced her rivals including giant steamboats.’
    • ‘His latest came in the Winter Beach Run at Jacksonville where he outpaced three other area runners.’
    • ‘She made it as a fastest loser, cut adrift from the leading pack in her heat, outpaced when the turbo injection came with a kilometre to go, but in her reaction there was no vanity, no wounded pride.’
    • ‘He eased round the full back and outpaced the chasing defence to score underneath the posts.’
    • ‘The model suggests the Cretaceous landscape was filled with large, lumbering creatures that any human with a fast car or bike or maybe even a quick sprint could outpace.’
    • ‘Though progress has been made over the past decade, it has not been fast enough for economic growth to outpace population growth.’
    • ‘The growth in the first six months of calendar year 2005 has far outpaced the rise in exports in the last calendar year.’
    • ‘The rise in the November surplus came despite a 19.4% rise in imports, a rate outpacing the 16.6% growth in exports.’
    • ‘The nanowire-derived ring oscillators reached a speed of 11.7 megahertz, outpacing by a factor of roughly 10,000 the excruciatingly slow performance attained by other nanomaterial circuits.’
    • ‘Connected to each other, the destroyers could easily outpace a submarine and trap it.’
    • ‘US exporters are under pressure to find more overseas customers as domestic production growth outpaces local demand for the fibre.’
    • ‘We see second quarter growth outpacing the first quarter because private consumption and investment should catch up’
    • ‘The heavy commercial vehicle sector grew 26 per cent in the first eight months of 1998, outpacing growth in the car market.’
    • ‘Markets, as they will always do when given the chance, moved toward providing more goods at cheaper prices, and economic growth quickly began to outpace other Latin American economies.’
    • ‘Now all that notwithstanding, the rapid one-time shift in population composition associated with the baby boom is projected to outpace increases in productivity growth.’
    • ‘Despite a steady rise in such loans, they are not outpacing overall credit growth and their share remains within the norm.’
    surpass, outshine, do better than
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