Definition of outnumber in English:



[with object]
  • Be more numerous than.

    ‘women outnumbered men by three to one’
    • ‘The number of diploma and certificate places being offered outnumbers those for degree programmes.’
    • ‘Even though our summer is their winter, winter felt more like a mild British autumn, with clear, cool sunny days massively outnumbering the rainy ones during our August visit - although apparently that was out of the ordinary.’
    • ‘The numerous and lukewarm group outnumber the rabid partisans on both sides, though.’
    • ‘The private sector now outnumbers the public for the first time in decades.’
    • ‘The pattern of men greatly outnumbering women in Greek migration to Australia persisted until 1956, when a program commenced to redress the imbalance.’
    • ‘This year we had the biggest crowd of supporters we believe we have ever seen, outnumbering protesters 100 to one.’
    • ‘Perhaps if there were 10,000 protesters we could have marched on the building itself, but with the police almost outnumbering the protesters there was never a chance.’
    • ‘But there was an unequal ratio with male students outnumbering their female counterparts in preferring Australia for taking up higher education.’
    • ‘In Britain, there are numerous Roman-period cemeteries in which men greatly outnumber women.’
    • ‘I've always known that cat owners are somewhat fanatical when it comes to their pets, but the sheer number of sites devoted to this finicky member of the animal kingdom probably outnumbers the amount of cats in this country.’
    • ‘So was the atmosphere in the National Stadium on April 22, with gun-toting and decidedly edgy cops and soldiers just about outnumbering the spectators.’
    • ‘The parish statistics show that 18 parishioners died during the year and there were 49 baptisms with the girls outnumbering the boys by almost 25 per cent.’
    • ‘You see New Zealand is home to rather a lot of sheep - 45 million of them to be precise - easily outnumbering their human counterparts by more than 11 to one.’
    • ‘At this debate, the press outnumbers the attendants 4 to 1.’
    • ‘In 1999, Scotland recorded the largest ever natural decrease in the population since records began in 1855, with deaths outnumbering births by more than 5000.’
    • ‘It's certainly a sign of the times when your email outnumbers your postal mail twenty to one.’
    • ‘And outnumbering all of these veteran activists was a new and energetic generation of young people who had never trusted politicians and were finding their own political voice on the streets of Seattle, Prague and Sao Paulo.’
    • ‘Oversized, oversexed and over here - the American grey squirrel has largely displaced its indigenous cousin since arriving in the 19th century and now outnumbers it 66 to one.’
    • ‘Women greatly outnumber men, and illegitimate births are very numerous.’
    • ‘In areas where the elderly population already outnumbers other age groups, the authorities have begun taking action.’