Definition of outmigration in English:



  • See outmigrant

    • ‘The outcome, however, of a soon-to-be-obsolescent Southern economy, outmigration, and, perhaps, of reconciliation hardly would have been more tortuous than the outcome that did, actually, occur.’
    • ‘This outmigration exceeded 10 percent and included especially the young and the well educated.’
    • ‘How many more years before outmigration from the Northeast and upper Midwest renders those states politically irrelevant?’
    • ‘After five decades of consistent large-scale outmigration, the tide slowly began to shift back to the South in the early 1970s.’
    • ‘Wartime conditions also spurred large-scale outmigration of many native mountain residents to secure war-industry employment in such cities as Denver, Los Angeles, Dayton, and Detroit.’