Definition of outmatch in English:



  • Be superior to (an opponent or rival)

    ‘vast chambers were built which outmatched anything to be seen in Europe’
    • ‘Edward's bellow outmatched his young son's by half.’
    • ‘Moreover, as part of a small firm with four lawyers and some ‘secretaries turned into paralegals,’ they were hugely outmatched by the opposition.’
    • ‘He has the ability to raise his game to outmatch his opponent, and is expected to pull off some interesting wins.’
    • ‘The dragon retaliated with flames and dark magic, easily outmatching them despite its wounds.’
    • ‘This strain demonstrates rapid and aggressive colonization and far outmatches other isolates in bioactivity and vigor.’
    • ‘His rival's uncanny instinct outmatched his own methodical approach.’
    • ‘His considerable strength and skill that would easily outmatch an opponent in normal situations now seemed dreadfully inadequate.’
    • ‘The former matched and sometimes outmatched them.’
    • ‘While cruise ships have food aplenty today, the liners in their heyday outmatched today's ships by far.’
    • ‘The ballet, given three casts of principals, proved decently enough danced at a creditable second-tier level; the women, however, markedly outmatched the men.’
    • ‘Oh, how fortunate you are to be the daughter of one of the few women who have outmatched all males in her life.’
    • ‘His passion was outmatched only by his awesome talent.’
    • ‘The visual appeal is outmatched by the fantastic soundtrack.’
    • ‘However, I was proved outmatched by every opponent I faced.’
    • ‘The combat power of this element far exceeds and outmatches any threat faced.’
    • ‘She began to parry and dodge their blazing fast attacks, but she was clearly outmatched and succumbed to their slashes and blows and was being pushed back.’
    • ‘But while the evidence suggests that the demand is there, it is still clearly outmatched by supply.’
    • ‘They were not outnumbered, but they were outmatched.’
    • ‘Graham struggled, but he was outmatched and gave up.’
    • ‘On the other hand, maybe we just shouldn't bother since we seem to be so outmatched in the hatred department anyway.’
    surpass, improve on, beat, exceed, excel, top, cap, trump, eclipse, outstrip, outdo, go one better than
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