Definition of outlying in English:



  • attributive Situated far from a centre; remote.

    ‘an outlying village’
    • ‘She said that while the strength of feeling was clearly strong, she had no correspondence from elected members in outlying areas.’
    • ‘The draft layout shows a densely-built central town area with three separate outlying villages.’
    • ‘Until quite recent times there was an outlying cottage which disappeared when the pond became the centre of a modern plantation.’
    • ‘In the Roman empire this took the form of the payment of tributes by the outlying provinces back to the Roman heartland.’
    • ‘Access routes to emergency services, such as hospitals, are also covered, as are main roads to outlying villages.’
    • ‘The project started with twenty teenage girls and twenty boys from the village and outlying settlements.’
    • ‘Communication with many outlying islands and coastal communities has been lost.’
    • ‘Many residents were either cowering in their basements or had fled to the relative safety of outlying districts.’
    • ‘It is said that had it not been for some of these organisations, some of the outlying parts of the country would not have been opened up.’
    • ‘A police station on some of York's troubled estates or outlying towns and villages at night could make all the difference.’
    • ‘It would cover the entire town centre as well as outlying areas.’
    • ‘At least eight people were killed in and around the capital and at least eight others in outlying provinces.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, young families in York and its outlying villages have little hope of buying a home on their doorstep.’
    • ‘It was specifically for distribution to the outlying areas of the province.’
    • ‘He claimed the emphasis was always put on the city centre with the result that outlying areas suffered.’
    • ‘The last of its tumble-down outlying villages, with its cheering raggedy children, was left behind many hours ago.’
    • ‘The centre effect on access to transplantation seemed to be artificial and was due to the outlying effect of a particular centre.’
    • ‘In addition, responses from outlying villages will also be welcomed.’
    • ‘These games were arranged in places in outlying provinces, with the venue changing each time.’
    • ‘There is a shopping centre where all the people from outlying districts come in order to stock up.’
    distant, remote, outer, outermost, out of the way, faraway, far-flung, peripheral, provincial, inaccessible, obscure, off the beaten track, unfrequented, backwoods
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