Definition of outlive in English:



  • 1(of a person) live longer than (another person)

    ‘women generally outlive men’
    • ‘You know, I have to believe that this particular character will outlive me.’
    • ‘But with women outliving men, the segment of women and their children grew; and as mortality declined the segment of men beyond working age grew.’
    • ‘Can you believe that I've outlived a daughter and a son?’
    • ‘Only one of her four other children outlived her.’
    • ‘So many people outlive their friends and their contemporaneous family.’
    • ‘Your dad has passed away last year, and I've outlived most of my relatives.’
    • ‘She had outlived her father, who died of heart failure in 1967.’
    • ‘Women outlive men just about everywhere in the world, but in Russia, it's by 14 years.’
    • ‘It's difficult for my parents to think they might outlive their son.’
    • ‘He's outlived his parents, who had heart conditions.’
    • ‘We have outlived all our brothers and sisters and their wives and husbands.’
    • ‘I should outlive him long enough to bury him.’
    • ‘The demographics of participants in this study reflect current population demographics in which women outlive their husbands and then live alone.’
    • ‘And the truth is that micro-organisms can't be obliterated - they were here first and they will surely outlive us.’
    • ‘In fact, the Queen Mother outlived most of her nephews and nieces as well.’
    • ‘‘He was born before me and the way he's going he'll probably outlive me,’ she said.’
    • ‘There was talk of deporting her but somehow I suspect she'll outlive us all.’
    • ‘They may outlive their friends who can give insights into their achievements and character.’
    • ‘The battle against obesity in children isn't just a fashion or a fad - experts are worried that the health problems brought on by being overweight are so severe that we might soon see parents outliving their children.’
    • ‘Can you imagine how it feels when a mother outlives her child?’
    1. 1.1 Survive or last beyond (a specified period or expected lifespan)
      ‘the organization had largely outlived its usefulness’
      • ‘The old pool had outlived its heyday and to fill it in and create something new has to be the best way forward for this important part of Scarborough's seafront.’
      • ‘Too often, however, companies remained in existence when they had outlived their artistic purpose.’
      • ‘Most of the planes have outlived their operational age, and many are not technically safe to fly.’
      • ‘B.C. voters have a tradition of casting aside parties that have outlived their usefulness.’
      • ‘A major risk associated with term life insurance is outliving the term.’
      • ‘Worse, a dean told me that our department had outlived its purpose.’
      • ‘The Minister also proposed to withdraw a few exemptions which have outlived their utility.’
      • ‘And since that uneasy juxtaposition appears to have outlived the year 2000, the question of when the century ended is, from a conceptual standpoint, no more straightforward than that of when it began.’
      • ‘There's nothing we can do but see how many outlive summer.’
      • ‘Perpetual foundations, he pointed out, frequently outlive their initial purpose and usefulness.’
      • ‘It appears that the relief may have outlived its usefulness in terms of creating jobs, given present economic circumstances.’
      • ‘The first Gnosticism was a complex phenomenon, so complex that some scholars have suggested the term has outlived its usefulness.’
      • ‘The trees overshot their expected height and girth, and have now begun to outlive their lifespan.’
      • ‘Much of North America's lighting outlived its usefulness years ago.’
      • ‘‘This mode has either outlived its usefulness or for whatever reason has not been able to deliver the kind of urban centres which most of us desire,’ he said.’
      • ‘There are only two prison sentences which I can think of where the controversy has outlived the prison term to such a grand scale.’
      • ‘Some of the country's television broadcasting satellites had outlived their intended period of service.’
      • ‘They repay a second look, and many looks thereafter, as one of the characteristics of fine art is a capacity to delight that outlives its period.’
      • ‘Neo-tribes are predicted to coalesce over single issues, and to be short-lived, not outliving the lifespan of its members, this latter point being the opposite of that which occurs in anthropological tribes.’
      • ‘They should be open to change as and when they outlive their utility.’
      live on after, live longer than, outlast, remain alive after, survive
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    2. 1.2archaic Live through (an experience)
      ‘the world has outlived much’
      • ‘Yet, it is necessary to outlive the inhuman experience of this attempt at genocide with the collaboration and connivance of the state and come to grips with its implications for the future of the Republic.’