Definition of outlet box in English:

outlet box


  • A box giving access to connections to electric wiring where it is led out of conduits.

    • ‘If there is more than one set of wires in an outlet box, they may be on a separate circuit.’
    • ‘The white wire within the cable that goes to the switch will be made hot, so it must be marked with black electrical tape at the outlet box, to distinguish it from the other neutral wires.’
    • ‘Use a fish tape to snag the wire and pull it through the existing outlet box and through the wall.’
    • ‘They put an outlet box - just like the ones behind the switch plates in your house - in each square.’
    • ‘Then remove the cover plate and shine a flashlight into the crack around the outlet box.’
    • ‘Mount the control to the outlet box and install a rocker-style cover plate.’
    • ‘The outlet box should be located in the wall directly above the area to be warmed.’
    • ‘You can buy hollow electrical outlet boxes as well.’
    • ‘It is often possible to check for wall insulation by removing the cover plates from electric outlets and shining a flashlight into the crack between the outlet box and the wall board.’
    • ‘Avoid electrical shock by mapping and marking your switch and outlet boxes.’
    • ‘Terminate these cables and the conduit in a couple of electrical outlet boxes with blank covers.’