Definition of outlet in English:



  • 1A pipe or hole through which water or gas may escape.

    • ‘They ventured through the old rust belt of inner city Melbourne and along the merry creek until they came across the outlet of a storm water pipe.’
    • ‘Notice also that the outlet has a pipe that extends below the normal surface level of the liquid.’
    • ‘Our streets are flooded even after short rainfalls due to acute lack of rainwater outlets and clogged storm water drains.’
    • ‘Looking from north to south, there is a row of many concrete pipe outlets.’
    • ‘Yet at the other end of the bay, away from the town and its sewage outlets, the water is virtually uncontaminated.’
    • ‘All roofs that would contribute to runoff from the feedlot should have gutters, downspouts, and outlets that discharge water away from the feedlot.’
    • ‘When checking the pump, make sure the outlet pipe is not clogged and that it directs water away from your home.’
    • ‘Large plastic pipes run from the outlet of the four blowers to airtight holes drilled in the platform.’
    • ‘Talk about water overloading at these outlets!’
    • ‘The water outlet is at the base of the reservoir and can't be seen in this photo.’
    • ‘Hundreds of people might share one small toilet block and a couple of water outlets.’
    • ‘She said the screen placed across the pipe outlet was cleaned out regularly and was in place to prevent solid matter entering the river.’
    • ‘Rainwater outlets are to be checked for condition and capacity, and repairs to outlets and down pipes are to be carried out as necessary.’
    • ‘Plumes of gray water, fading in color as the waste settled, fanned out from the pipe outlets.’
    • ‘But on this ride, I notice that at nearly every station there's some kind of cleaning happening: great gushes of water pour from the outlets onto the track.’
    • ‘This heated air moves up due to a natural chimney effect and exits through outlets at the roof.’
    • ‘After more than 100 tests around the hospital, traces of the legionella bacteria were found on taps and other water outlets.’
    • ‘Anyway, we moved into a house which had gas (our family home doesn't) and there were pipes with outlets in all of the bedrooms.’
    • ‘Check for other possible breeding areas, such as slow compost heaps, damp bedding in dog kennels, chicken pens and yards, rubbish piles, and leaking septic pipes and outlets.’
    • ‘In the base of the gutter were outlets leading to drain pipes to take the water away.’
    vent, vent hole, way out, exit, egress
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    1. 1.1 The mouth of a river.
      • ‘The Tekapo River is the outlet of Lake Tekapo, not far from Mt Cook and Lake Pukaki.’
      • ‘At the daybreak of April 3, 1652, it mounted a surprise attack on the camp of Khabarov's troop at the outlet of the Uslee River in the lower Amur.’
      • ‘The area at the outlet of the Niagara river into Lake Ontario was recognised early on by the French as a strategic point to control the route into the Great Lakes region and the heart of the continent.’
      • ‘According to the same source, the Bujagali dam at the outlet of Lake Victoria in Jinja, Uganda, is due to go ahead within the next few weeks with £66m of funding from the World Bank.’
      • ‘Lake Natron has no river outlet, and sodium carbonate accumulates in it, leached out from the surrounding volcanic rocks.’
      • ‘The only outlet to the sea, the River Leven, produced one of the biggest British sea trout ever, at 22 ½ lb in 1989.’
      • ‘The track follows the glacial moraine on a level track to the Buller River outlet.’
      • ‘In addition, the Arctic Sea became nearly isolated by landmasses, with limited outlets to the rest of the world's ocean.’
      • ‘The inlets and outlets of several lakes have been destroyed.’
      • ‘This water flows back into the lake down an artificial weir and man-made stream to re-enter the lake at three outlets along the island bank.’
      • ‘From there the river flows sixty-three miles to the Guadalupe River, which feeds into the San Antonio River near its outlet in the Gulf of Mexico.’
      • ‘This time, the meltwater spilled from a northwestern outlet into the Mackenzie River in northwestern Canada and made its way to the Arctic Ocean.’
      • ‘For a century levees had been constructed and natural outlets closed until the Atchafalaya River was the only one left to carry off the Mississippi's floodwaters.’
      • ‘Cross the outlet below the reservoir dam using a small wooden bridge, and continue ahead uphill to an old drove road that loops around the eastern side of Dumyat, back towards Menstrie.’
      • ‘There they built Fort Clatsop and wintered near the outlet of the Columbia River.’
      • ‘In the Sahara, the wind is the dominant erosive agent, removing far more to the surrounding seas than the rivers Niger and Nile in combination, and these are the only significant river outlets.’
      • ‘The eel is to be found in 99% of British waters, though the quantity will depend on factors such as inlets and outlets to rivers and streams.’
      • ‘Streams can exhibit marked spatial variation in temperature from lake outlets to downstream areas.’
    2. 1.2 An output socket in an electrical device.
      • ‘We had to locate and measure the positions of various blue electrical boxes used for outlets, cable connections, and phone jacks throughout the house.’
      • ‘Plug unused electrical outlets to keep cold air from coming in through sockets.’
      • ‘The rechargeable battery may be charged by a battery charger that is connected to the solar cell and can be optionally connected to an electrical outlet by a charging cord.’
      • ‘The electrical code requires that outlets in the bathroom by protected by a ground-fault interrupter.’
      • ‘Make sure it's away from heavy traffic areas and electrical outlets.’
      • ‘Appliances, electrical switches, outlets, and door handles in the home are installed 15 to 48 inches above the floor.’
      • ‘Air can leak in or out of the home from door and window frames, electrical outlets and exhaust vents, to name just a few of the culprits.’
      • ‘Today, whether we're at work or home, we don't think twice about plugging our appliances into electrical outlets to instantly receive the power we need.’
      • ‘A plug extended from a port within the panel and was near the electrical outlet in the bathroom.’
      • ‘Remember that if any air is leaking through electrical outlets or around plumbing connections into your wall cavities, moisture is carried along the path.’
      • ‘Electrical outlets and conduit, door, and window block-outs are embedded at the time of the pour.’
      • ‘The vapor barrier should fit tightly around electrical outlets, doors, windows and other openings.’
      • ‘I told him that when I start shopping around for an apartment, Internet ports in rooms are as important to me as electrical outlets and phone jacks.’
      • ‘Each climate-controlled chapel has its own generator, electrical outlets, lights, and seats for 100 people.’
      • ‘Don't overload your electrical outlets and never run extensions under a carpet.’
      • ‘The electricity that we get from power outlets and batteries can power all different kinds of devices.’
      • ‘I connected an electrical cord to it and ran it into the bedroom to the electrical outlet next to the bed.’
      • ‘I'm going to have electric outlets for electric shavers.’
      • ‘Funding has been announced for lights for the poles on the pier and for shutters to protect the electrical supply outlets for the boats.’
      • ‘These units are now able to provide the same power to the components in a computer, but due to increased efficiency, draw less power from the electrical outlet.’
  • 2A point from which goods are sold or distributed.

    ‘a fast-food outlet’
    • ‘This is where the young hang out, in coffee shops, fast-food outlets, shopping malls and on the street itself.’
    • ‘There is also a licensed café - the Pavilion - and a coffee shop as well as outlets selling fish and chips, burgers and ice cream.’
    • ‘Most of the items on display are being sold in mainstream shopping outlets in Sweden and, in some cases, across the world.’
    • ‘Over one third of UK children's toys are now free giveaways from fast food outlets, with high street restaurant chains distributing an estimated 300 million every year.’
    • ‘The plan has set off a chorus of disapproval from conservationists outraged at the possibility of surrounding the historic site with malls and fast-food outlets.’
    • ‘So, the bulk of their milk continues to be sold through established outlets.’
    • ‘It is a free magazine and is currently distributed mainly through retail outlets.’
    • ‘The club would like to thank all the club members, shops, and outlets who co-operated in selling the cards and the general public for supporting the draw.’
    • ‘Not all shops in outlets malls are outlets and sell items cheaper then normal.’
    • ‘Somewhere nearby there'll be a shopping centre with fast-food outlets and a supermarket.’
    • ‘Fast-food outlets make it convenient to catch a bite on the run.’
    • ‘Popular restaurants and fast food outlets have stalls dotted all over the show, all doing roaring trade as they fill hungry stomachs.’
    • ‘Local abattoirs and meat processing plants will also be investigated to establish if their products were sold regularly in local outlets.’
    • ‘He is a citizen without a country, trapped in a no man's land of fast food outlets and endless shopping opportunities.’
    • ‘It will mean that corner shops, fast food outlets, supermarkets and pub chains will be able to apply for new licenses without making a significant financial commitment by buying a licence.’
    • ‘If fast food outlets sold tuna salads and sticks of celery there wouldn't be half the problem.’
    • ‘So did sports shops and other outlets which sold England shirts.’
    • ‘The centre offers a myriad of shops ranging from outlets selling typical tourist fare to more weird and wonderful places, selling cheeses, wines, hand crafted toys, jewellery and antiques.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the area has dozens of outlets selling factory seconds of branded garments.’
    • ‘There are concerns the timetable, which is widely distributed through rail outlets, travel centres and information offices, could be confusing to visitors from abroad.’
    store, retail store, retail outlet, reseller, cash and carry
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    1. 2.1 A market for goods.
      ‘the state system provided an outlet for farm produce’
      • ‘Plastics are a problem because there are few outlets and the market isn't great.’
      • ‘If one recalls, the village markets provided the outlet for local produce and products.’
      • ‘Growers were asked to estimate the percentages of their sales that went through different market outlets.’
      • ‘The difficulties in the beef sector are directly attributable to the limited availability of market outlets, according to the Irish Meat Association.’
      • ‘The prices that meat factories pay for cattle are determined by the returns from the market outlets that are available.’
      • ‘When products are too expensive for the citizens to purchase through legal outlets, black markets arise.’
      • ‘Not only did it give the public a chance to see what is available in their local area, but also provided the designer makers with the opportunity to find prospective outlets for their stock.’
      • ‘Clearly, the large firms see this field as just one of their several market outlets, but one which generates sufficient sales and fits in with their other operations.’
      • ‘He said the live export trade is extremely important to Irish agriculture, particularly in terms of its key role in maintaining price competition and important market outlets.’
      • ‘What sets these self-help groups apart is the fact that farmers themselves have set up market outlets for their produce so that middlemen are eliminated.’
      • ‘They often produce in limited quantities, so traditional wholesale market outlets are not a viable option.’
      • ‘Farming is oriented toward local market outlets that serve local consumers rather than national or international mass markets.’
      • ‘Only rye and other grains (mainly oats) could have difficulties finding world market outlets.’
      • ‘His great joy was to have done so much to find outlets and markets for the cattle farmers of Ireland.’
      market, retail outlet, marketplace, selling place, shop, store
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    2. 2.2 A shop that sells goods made by a particular manufacturer at discounted prices.
      ‘a designer outlet’
      as modifier ‘an outlet store’
      • ‘One can see the stretch dotted with factory outlets of almost all the leading brands.’
      • ‘Plans are also underway to open 20 outlet stores in strategic locations across the United States which are expected to dramatically improve market share.’
  • 3A means of expressing one's talents, energy, or emotions.

    ‘writing became the main outlet for his energies’
    • ‘Eventually, believing music to be an excellent outlet for their energies, he organizes a chorus, and takes special interest in two of his students.’
    • ‘I haven't been the happiest camper because I haven't found an outlet for my extra energy.’
    • ‘They make up their own activities because they have no other outlets for their energy.’
    • ‘Lakeland's literary talents have a fresh outlet for their work after the launch of a new magazine this week.’
    • ‘In Sydney she found for the first time in her life a satisfying outlet for her intellectual energy.’
    • ‘My own thinking is that he's not so much in need of a keep fit campaign as he's needful of an outlet for all that energy.’
    • ‘It's hard to say whether this is a hangover from the breakdown or just his incredible nervous energy finding an outlet.’
    • ‘In the true sense of its name, it will be a team committed to bringing people together, a shelter for talent, and an outlet to channel creative energy.’
    • ‘It was just a question of finding the right outlet for her energy.’
    • ‘The country has found an outlet for its energies, and given time and talent to nurture, it is certain one day to stand proud among the established nations.’
    • ‘He recognized and valued the curiosity and imagination that are characteristic of young children, and wanted to find outlets for their creative energy.’
    • ‘The increasing number of niches and individual outlets has broadened the talents that are rewarded.’
    • ‘When I started playing camogie, I was looking for an outlet for my energy and frustrations.’
    • ‘Using locally available material, and maybe a bit of exotic herbs and spices, people have been able to turn the fine art of cooking into an outlet for their creative energy.’
    • ‘One outlet for our restless energy has been business.’
    • ‘When television finally made its appearance in South Africa in 1976, he turned to this medium as an outlet for his considerable talents.’
    • ‘Try to find your own creative ways as outlets for emotions.’
    • ‘I had been running off to the city more and more, finding an outlet for my energy and stress and frustration there.’
    • ‘Desperate to keep their students off the streets and drugs, two New York City schools ten years ago started a mandatory ballroom dancing program to give them an outlet for their energies.’
    • ‘Physical activity can provide an outlet for your emotions, especially if you're about to erupt.’
    means of expression, release, means of release, release mechanism, safety valve, vent, avenue, way of harnessing, channel
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Middle English: from out- + the verb let.