Definition of outlay in English:



  • An amount of money spent on something.

    ‘a modest outlay on local advertising’
    mass noun ‘comparatively little financial outlay’
    • ‘Besides the outlay in money, vineyard investments take time to yield a return.’
    • ‘That would involve the outlay of a great deal of money for only one match a season, but the days have gone when people put up with what they get.’
    • ‘Even the large capital outlays in the area will scarcely amount to the cost of a few regional bypasses.’
    • ‘With a corresponding drop in benefits and pensions, outlays will decrease.’
    • ‘In other words, current taxes and current outlays have to balance.’
    • ‘Yet some administrators have urged a reduction in the current outlay for salary and benefits.’
    • ‘More than half of the annual budget outlays are transfer payments.’
    • ‘In particular, hiring expertise for specific projects can reduce large salary outlays.’
    • ‘And each time you go for a flat, as well as the financial outlay of getting a survey done, you have the emotional investment.’
    • ‘In my case, in order to minimise my monthly outlay, I chose to repay the loan amount after 30 years.’
    • ‘As is known, keeping appropriate information secret per se involves a certain amount of outlays.’
    • ‘A small outlay will save you money but equally you will often get what you pay for, and a bad horse costs as much to feed as a good one.’
    • ‘I offer two pieces of evidence that show profitability as a key driver of investment outlays.’
    • ‘Data on travel money outlays are more readily available than travel time expenditures, as well as being much more reliable.’
    • ‘And so the next thing was to get an idea about what treatments cost and what you'd get for an outlay of money.’
    • ‘Christmas cards account for only a small amount of our outlay.’
    • ‘In fact, the acquisition and maintenance of social rank could well require the outlay of large sums of money.’
    • ‘All others were excluded because their outlays contained significant amounts of transfer payments.’
    • ‘The option of providing tax relief for receipted outlays on childcare is also being examined by a cabinet subcommittee.’
    • ‘But the costs of the conflict could go far beyond the hefty financial outlays.’
    expenditure, expenses, spending, outgoings, money spent, cost, price, charge, payment, disbursement, investment, injection of capital
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