Definition of outlast in English:



  • Live or last longer than:

    ‘the kind of beauty that will outlast youth’
    • ‘A legacy is something which we deposit into this life that will outlast us for generations to come.’
    • ‘I realised I had no idea why ‘soulmate’ had outlasted the other myths I'd retired from my personal cosmology, like unconditional love and no-work relationships.’
    • ‘One of the team expresses his understanding that after 20 or 30 years some of these buildings have outlasted their usefulness and need to be flattened.’
    • ‘If they are properly maintained, the original windows in older buildings will usually outlast replacement windows by a substantial amount.’
    • ‘His appeal has extended far beyond the British Isles, and to four succeeding generations; it outlasted both the author and the British Empire of which his family was an archetypal product.’
    • ‘And with 24 years under her belt she has outlasted five landlords and scores of regulars.’
    • ‘Whether that conception and the reasons it generates will outlast the manifest image remains to be seen.’
    • ‘They outlasted the dinosaurs and are the single longest lived branch of mammaliforms.’
    • ‘The wide scale of this restoration work should ensure that it long outlasts any of us.’
    • ‘The words that the rest of us have offered on the tragedy will be outlasted by the silent message of hope and dignity that such men and women have sent around the world.’
    • ‘If his lust outlasts the night, romance will have a chance to blossom.’
    • ‘Remembering through the media by definition outlasts human experience, not necessarily helping us to heal in this time and place but perhaps by helping others in other times and places.’
    • ‘What's going to make it outlast all the quiz shows that we have been watching for so many years?’
    • ‘It is one of life's sad ironies, where often the soul long outlasts that which the heart can't endure.’
    • ‘He may have died young, but his achievements will outlast many who lived longer.’
    • ‘Above it tower huge cliffs and in front the hills fall steeply away to the valley floor, and you feel the weight of the centuries pressing upon you and the grandeur of Nature outlasting man and his works.’
    • ‘This detailed account will now live on as a tribute to a great engineering feat that outlasted its original purpose to grow into a huge tourist attraction.’
    • ‘It would be thoroughly useful to understand how to ensure that your accumulated wealth outlasts your biological life cycle, without hampering your life style.’
    • ‘With more than 10 years under its belt, the company has outlasted many similar-sized outfits.’
    • ‘Many men had suits made to measure with two pairs of trousers as the coats and waistcoats usually outlasted one pair of trousers.’
    outlive, survive, live after, remain alive after, last longer than, live longer than, outwear
    come through, ride out, weather, withstand, live through
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