Definition of outjump in English:



  • Jump higher or further than (a competitor in a sporting event):

    ‘Sue outjumped everyone at the track’
    • ‘He can outjump most comers and has decent hands but needs to improve his toughness, especially after the catch.’
    • ‘There is an eerie kind of certainty about the Jazz style that is more demoralizing than the pyrotechnics other teams rely on, because they are more likely to outthink you than outjump you.’
    • ‘He outjumped his marker to direct an impressive header into the goal.’
    • ‘He chased down a kick returner from behind and outjumped several receivers and other defensive backs to bat away a pass late in another game.’
    • ‘He raced 20 metres to outjump him and touch down in one majestic fluid movement.’
    • ‘Too many players stand straight up, watch the ball, and hope to outjump everyone.’
    • ‘So I knew Smith was thinking he had to outjump me.’
    • ‘The goalkeeper rushed off his line, attempted to push a stationary striker out of his way, lost his balance and then failed to outjump several opposition players less than half his size.’
    • ‘He trains a frog he claims can outjump all frogs.’
    • ‘The Italian's only mistake was in being outjumped by Thompson for the opening goal.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, though, they had been pressing up on the Aberdeen defence with the slight Spaniard giving them a fright when he outjumped them in the seventh minute.’
    • ‘The play stunned the Redskins, who after the game shrugged their shoulders and said they were simply outjumped.’
    • ‘At 5-10, he's not going to outjump many cornerbacks.’