Definition of outie in English:



  • 1South African A homeless person.

    ‘a hardened outie becomes resigned to sleeping in shop doorways’
    • ‘They insist they are not hobos; rather they prefer to be called outies.’
    • ‘Jo'burg's 'outies' are reluctantly having to change their travel plans. Their outlawing by the Durban City Council means that few of these self-styled 'gentlemen of the road' will be making their annual trek to Durban.’
    • ‘It is not easy to survive on Johannesburg streets this time of year. And our own 'outies' realise that, while it is lekker in summer, it is not nice to sleep on the beach in wintertime.’
    • ‘'If I can rehabilitate just one out of 50 "outies" I will be happy,’ he said.’
    tramp, drifter, down-and-out, derelict, beggar, itinerant, wanderer, nomad, wayfarer, traveller, gypsy, rover, vagabond, transient, migrant, homeless person, beachcomber, person of no fixed abode, person of no fixed address, knight of the road, bird of passage, rolling stone
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  • 2A convex navel.

    ‘her belly button is clearly an outie’
    • ‘An "outie" is a result of a remaining umbilical cord that maintains some of its blood supply after being cut.’
    • ‘Umbilicoplasty turns that "outy" inwards.’
    • ‘But since I'm a sporting type, and I like your company, I will let you know that it's an innie, not an outie.’
    • ‘Bellybuttons can generally be divided into innies and outies.’
    • ‘It's just that my belly button was born as an innie and has no business becoming an outie, at least not without my express permission.’
    • ‘To surgically alter the navel, Dr. Nadler recommends opening the stalk which forms the "outie" to remove the hard tissue inside.’
    • ‘Daisy's cord fell off - and it looks like she hasn't got an outy.’
    • ‘There are three different types of patients who request the navel correction procedure, but it is that patient with an "outie" bellybutton who demands the technique for its aesthetic appeal.’
    • ‘Some patients have a very small or an 'outie' belly button or other anatomical consideration where they really don't want their belly button altered.’


1970s: from out + -ie.