Definition of outhouse in English:



  • 1A building such as a shed or barn that is built on to or in the grounds of a house.

    • ‘Ensure all doors and windows are secured and buildings like sheds, garages and outhouses have good quality locks and even alarms fitted.’
    • ‘Clear out any outhouses, garages, sheds and greenhouses.’
    • ‘Manor houses with extensive outhouses and grounds cost €450,000 to €600,000.’
    • ‘This may extend to ancillary buildings, structures or areas such as outhouses, a garage, a driveway, a garden and so forth.’
    • ‘Sheds, outhouses, garages, barns were emptied of their contents - chainsaws, power tools, mowers, bicycles - at first by unknown hands and then what was left by the owners.’
    • ‘The site is really made up of two buildings and some smaller outhouses.’
    • ‘Bring small animals indoors or into an outhouse or garden shed to give them extra protection.’
    • ‘It was an occasion that came every six years if everyone took their turn and it also gave an opportunity for the house, outhouses, and all the occupants of both to get a good turnout and cleaning.’
    • ‘The small plants can be put in a sheltered place by a house wall during winter and moved to a shed or outhouse if the weather gets really severe.’
    • ‘There are numerous rambling barns and outhouses, and the gardens and two ornamental lakes are exquisite.’
    • ‘It also guarantees work for the remaining weavers who work the wool into bales of cloth in sheds, barns and outhouses along the Atlantic stretch.’
    • ‘A number of outhouses and sheds are in various states of repair, and some appear to offer considerable potential in their own right.’
    • ‘Normally they confine themselves to outhouses, sheds and garages but sometimes go up market and enter houses in search of a bit luxury.’
    • ‘Outside, to the west of the house, there is a gravelled patio surrounded by euphorbia beds, two-block built outhouses and a timber shed, while to the east is a lawn area edged with a white picket fence.’
    • ‘Throughout, the main building and the outhouses have been decorated with a faultless eye, the eclectic collection of objects decorating the main areas and the rooms gathered on the couple's extensive travels around the world.’
    • ‘There are six outhouses in the grounds, the largest a former coach house at the back.’
    • ‘There are a number of outhouses and barns to the side of the property.’
    • ‘Enter them and you pass through a driveway, flanked by sheds and outhouses, to a huge building in Indo-Saracenic style.’
    • ‘Additional features include a concrete outhouse which doubles as a boiler house and storage shed.’
    • ‘To create the new classroom outhouses next to the school's existing four labs were demolished to make way for a single story extension.’
    hut, lean-to, outbuilding, shack
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    1. 1.1North American An outside toilet.
      • ‘A hole cut into the top of the box gave it the look of an outhouse toilet.’
      • ‘It was a long, dark, and very cold night, but officers finally found him, shivering and chattering in an unheated outhouse, his frozen bare feet wrapped up in toilet paper.’
      • ‘The toilet is situated in an outhouse in the back yard.’
      • ‘A salvaged two-holer outhouse makes the perfect toolshed.’
      • ‘The outhouses are about 100 feet away, two camp toilets surrounded on three sides by low walls for a little privacy.’
      • ‘Houses come with a genuine corrugated metal roof, clapboard siding and an outhouse (with modern plumbing, of course).’
      • ‘I left him and went to the friendly little outhouse to empty my bladder.’
      • ‘Leading off to the left is a covered outhouse area with guest toilet, while off the breakfast area is a utility room plumbed for a washing machine and fitted with a range of presses.’
      • ‘He writes in his memoir that he grew up in a home whose only toilet facilities were in an outhouse.’
      • ‘Few have indoor plumbing, but it's hard to beat an outhouse with a drop-dead view.’
      • ‘The toilet was usually an outhouse - sometimes just one for a camp filled with hundreds of men.’
      • ‘The shower and both outhouses are also gas heated.’
      • ‘In those days, outdoor plumbing was the convention and the families' outhouse stood adjacent to the house.’
      • ‘Toilet paper, around for almost 300 years, hasn't changed much in the past century since indoor plumbing replaced outhouses - and the dried leaves people used.’
      • ‘After about 50 paces, though, Sheriff Tom motioned for me to remove my pack and pointed at a dilapidated stone building with a leaning front porch in front and a stinky outhouse in back.’
      • ‘When they moved in, there was no indoor plumbing, only an outhouse at the back of the property.’
      • ‘The 20-to 30-hole moveable outhouse was a discreet distance to the leeward.’
      • ‘Composting toilets are a world away from the odoriferous outhouses of yesteryear.’
      • ‘Many live with nothing more than dirt floors and rickety outhouses.’
      • ‘Warehouse staff have their own toilet - a virtual outhouse without heating and near-freezing running water.’
      lavatory, wc, water closet, convenience, public convenience, facilities, urinal, privy, latrine, earth closet, jakes
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  • Store or accommodate away from the main storage or accommodation area.

    ‘books outhoused in the annex take longer to deliver’