Definition of outgun in English:



[with object]
  • 1Have better or more weaponry than.

    ‘the gangs have carved up the city and easily outgun the police’
    • ‘Our little force, outmanned and outgunned, held him off for better than twenty hours, and then slipped out under his nose.’
    • ‘‘Don't worry, Dad,’ I tell him, ‘if he comes up to Washington Heights, he will be outgunned.’’
    • ‘They never knew they were seriously outgunned.’
    • ‘With around 7,500 soldiers, it is outmanned and outgunned by some of the larger militias that have Soviet-era tanks and artillery pieces.’
    • ‘Besides being critically short of fuel, Rommel was outgunned and outmanned by the British.’
    • ‘When a carload of thieves tried to steal oranges from our yard, I soon found myself outmanned and outgunned - and decided that 100 pounds of pilfered fruit is not worth your life.’
    • ‘Is the army or are the rebels outgunned by the other side?’
    • ‘You have been outmaneuvered and are outgunned.’
    • ‘The group of up to 50 masked gunmen who carried out the raid had several lines of attack, back-up vehicles, rocket-propelled grenades and heavy explosives, completely outgunning the policemen and their Kalashnikovs.’
    • ‘He outguns them all and wins and a fairytale is born.’
    • ‘The day after the election, as the recount began, his campaign was already outgunned, outmanned, and outmatched.’
    • ‘Can a nation so out-manned, so outgunned, fighting not on one or two fronts but on every side, possibly survive more than a few days?’
    • ‘For their sakes, given how badly they are outgunned, one hopes they will have the sense to throw down their weapons, change into civvies, and go home.’
    • ‘The exchanges were dynamic and carefree with both sets of defences mournfully looking on as they were outgunned and outmanoeuvred.’
    • ‘They are outgunned, out-shipped and out-manned.’
    • ‘In the past, Treasury has consistently outgunned other ministries because they could afford more policy analysts (cutting their competition's budgets also helped a bit here).’
    • ‘Men tend to be not very politically active where gender issues are concerned and can easily be outgunned and outmanoeuvred.’
    • ‘Force-on-force maneuver warfare is not advantageous to the enemy when he is outmanned and outgunned.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, once you start to acquire some of the more powerful planes, like the jets, you've probably racked up more than enough upgrade tokens to outmaneuver and outgun anything the enemy can throw at you.’
    • ‘However, the convoy was protected by HMS Ramillies and neither German ship could risk being hit by a ship that in other circumstances would easily be outgunned by both German ships.’
    1. 1.1 Shoot better than.
      ‘the correspondents proudly outgunned the army sharpshooters’
    2. 1.2 Surpass in power or strength.
      ‘the team were outgunned by the joint title favourites’
      • ‘The final frame was a one-sided affair for most of its duration with Billy outgunning Paddy at every opportunity.’
      • ‘I don't think our guys gave in but we were totally outgunned tonight.’
      • ‘In some cases, the fans have been formidable and have outgunned the board in business experience or PR skills.’
      • ‘Taylor complained in the letter that his single defense attorney was heavily outgunned by the nine-member prosecution team.’
      • ‘Watson, meanwhile, crashed to earth with a thump as his Forfarshire side were outgunned by champions Greenock at Forthill.’
      • ‘Samoa from the South Seas caused the biggest cheer of the day when they outgunned Emirates Trophy holders and world champions, New Zealand.’
      • ‘Prosecutors are either too timid or outgunned by the platoons of pricey defense lawyers.’
      • ‘Darcy continued to build his lead on points, Clabby fighting with desperate skill and courage although clearly outgunned.’
      • ‘Henrik Pedersen put 17 months of anguish behind him on Sunday to outgun one of the most formidable attacks in the Premiership.’
      • ‘Murrayfield Wanderers eased their relegation jitters by outgunning West of Scotland 19-9.’
      • ‘This is one war of attrition where Detroit is clearly outgunned.’
      • ‘Even at this reduced level, it continues to outgun the competition.’
      • ‘Both men are playing well with Robredo surprisingly outgunning Roddick on forehand winners.’
      • ‘The Black Caps were quite simply outgunned at Wellington.’
      • ‘There can be few more pathetic or disturbing sights on the highway than a middle-aged man in a crammed three-door Colt trying to outgun a Lexus.’
      • ‘Kirkcaldy claimed their first victory of the campaign by outgunning GHA 22-20 at Beveridge Park.’
      • ‘Never one to be outgunned, Gibson hit back by accusing modern secular Judaism of trying to blame the Holocaust on the Catholic Church.’
      • ‘The candidate who buses in the most supporters can outgun the candidate who'd make the best MP.’
      • ‘They don't try to outgun the big boys in the field.’
      • ‘One other game saw the St Adolphe Hawks outgun St Pierre 6-4.’