Definition of outgross in English:



[with object]
  • Surpass in gross takings or profit.

    ‘the film has outgrossed all other movie comedies’
    • ‘By 1975, it was the biggest indie film distributor in Australia outgrossing every major Hollywood Studio on the continent.’
    • ‘It soon became the most financially successful 1971 release at the British box office, outgrossing even Diamonds Are Forever.’
    • ‘By the end of its first run, however, it ended up outgrossing Love Story.’
    • ‘Maybe it's the effect of America being polarised during an election year, but in his home country of Canada it has outgrossed all other documentaries.’
    • ‘The film featuring these two apparently unkillable ghosts started out as America's No. 1 box office hit, outgrossing every other movie during its first week of national release.’
    • ‘It was certainly more profitable, taking in $129m in the US and millions more worldwide, comfortably outgrossing the original, even in Japan.’
    • ‘The industry has gotten sequel lazy, assuming that sequels will all now outgross originals, as opposed to the 20% drop tradition of the past.’
    • ‘And this ‘down year’ has already outgrossed the entirety of that year.’
    • ‘It will be outgrossing his biggest movie by Wednesday.’
    • ‘In other international box office news, it has already outgrossed its domestic run by about $7 million and it still has many territories to open.’