Definition of outflux in English:



  • An exit or flowing out of a large amount of a substance or a large number of people.

    ‘a major outflux of gas’
    ‘the outflux of refugees’
    • ‘You're having a massive outflux of girls from rural areas moving to the garment factories.’
    • ‘The lagged identification rates for immigrants were stable over time and best described by a "closed population" model with no influx and outflux.’
    • ‘While the outflux of so many Edmonton musicians is alarming, DeMarco says he didn't leave because he thought the city was impeding his success.’
    • ‘Not many clubs give out long-term contracts so you'll see an influx and outflux every year.’
    • ‘This allows us to observe water diffusion that occurs beyond the structural changes, often entailing water influx and outflux, at the outset of the MD calculation.’
    • ‘Let's just hope they are good years, that society is not overburdened by the influx (or lack of outflux) of older people, and that someone figures out a way to pay for the extra years of health care.’
    • ‘His management style has been widely criticised and has led to the outflux of a large number of the court's most experienced staff.’
    • ‘Unable to sell their house for enough money to pay off the balance of their mortgages, these households will remain in place until demand stabilizes (or until their mortgages are paid), reducing the outflux from urban centers.’
    • ‘Something that has been plaguing me over the last week is the sudden outflux of friends to overseas destinations.’
    • ‘Our first big influx of Ended Auctions means our first big "outflux" of items needing packaging and posting off to far-flung places around the globe.’