Definition of outflung in English:



  • (especially of a person's arm) thrown out to one side.

    ‘he turned, one arm outflung’
    • ‘If outflung arms and exaggerated rolling steps suggested pilgrimage, later passages saw the apparently infirm passed forward from one dancer to another.’
    • ‘During this period, he often assembled pieces of paper, overlapping them in an irregular fashion so as to accommodate the bent legs and outflung arms of the depicted body.’
    • ‘But El Greco's figures crowd together; their arms, even when outflung, tend to be absorbed into a complex surface pattern; and the marble architectural settings with their converging perspectives are just backdrops.’
    • ‘A flashy smile accompanied the last statement with outflung arms and another large sigh.’
    • ‘A wooden spoon had fallen next to his outflung hand.’