Definition of outfielder in English:



  • 1A player positioned on the part of the field furthest from the wicket.

    • ‘All 10 of the South Africa outfielders had a bowl as Taylor added 31 alongside Edwards and Wyatt was left on 24 not out.’
    • ‘As India's wicket-keeper he claimed seven stumpings and took 21 catches; in addition he made two other catches as an outfielder.’
    • ‘After Smith, the opener is Durham's best outfielder, so it was incredible he dropped a catch Rashid flicked right to him at a straightish midwicket.’
    • ‘The authorities covered the Eastern stand with giant mosquito nets, fearing that objects might be hurled at Australian outfielders by some of the more disgruntled elements.’
    • ‘The new rules work both ways - two new balls and more bouncers per over for bowlers but fewer outfielders for batsmen.’
    • ‘The fact of the matter is that the best batters and outfielders will come from India, even from the non-Test playing First Class cricket pool.’
    • ‘Fleming is a capable outfielder and a useful lower-order batsman who likes to challenge the attack with shots square of the wicket.’
    • ‘If the lashing rain makes it hard for outfielders to see the stumps, how about bails with flashing lights?’
    1. 1.1Baseball A player positioned on the grassy area beyond the infield.
      • ‘Baseball outfielder Tony Oliva played for Minnesota from 1962 to 1976.’
      • ‘I've had outfielders throw strikes to the plate from the outfield wall in time to catch players well off guard.’
      • ‘But they are forgetting that Babe Ruth could pitch, yet the Yankees chose to use him as an outfielder.’
      • ‘Robinson began his Hall of Fame career as an outfielder for the Reds.’
      • ‘The ball reaches the peak of its arc, and the two Tiger outfielders slow to a jog, watching it head for the fence.’
      • ‘Toronto traded outfielder Jayson Werth to Los Angeles for reliever Jason Frasor.’
      • ‘That gives the San Francisco outfielder eight 40 - homers seasons overall.’
      • ‘The most productive outfielder the Devil Rays have ever had is currently 22 years old.’
      • ‘At age 40, the Giants outfielder is also the oldest player to win the award.’
      • ‘The outfielder made his major-league debut this season and played 37 games for the Reds.’