Definition of outfall in English:



  • The place where a river, drain, or sewer empties into the sea, a river, or a lake.

    • ‘These works prospectively affect sections of the brook which are the effective outfall for your local surface water sewers.’
    • ‘It has its own drainage system which empties into a proper outfall and public sewer at the back of the properties.’
    • ‘In between lies a great variety of wrecks, all with fantastic marine life in odd and unusual diving settings: Some are located in channels, in river outfalls, most in secluded Rock Island coves and even a few around the main harbour.’
    • ‘In or around the 1950's a number of weirs were constructed across the three main outfalls at the lake's western end.’
    • ‘Further to the west the tidal shoreline contains sandy accretions, silt and large detrital mats at the outfall of marshes.’
    • ‘How clean would you make your factory if its water intake were downstream of its outfall, or if its air intake were connected to its smokestack?’
    • ‘By February, cranes had hauled many of the junked cars out of the river's southernmost reaches, and meetings are currently being held to reduce the number of sewage outfalls upstream.’
    • ‘And the organisation says it has already completed some work at Norton to prevent flood water backing up drainage outfalls into the River Derwent.’
    • ‘It examines an ambitious new infrastructure plan to close off Sydney's ocean outfalls and reclaim the water from the smallest room in the house.’
    • ‘Each river outfall has a Coast Guard station with surfmen and heavy weather boat operators, nine in Oregon and two in Washington.’
    • ‘It had been quite possible to walk to the causeway stone, which was situated 60 yards further out to sea to the town outfall, and which was only seen on rare occasions.’
    • ‘Many of the country's bathing beaches have combined sewer overflows and stormwater outfalls on or near the beach.’
    • ‘That's because the city's antiquated combined sewer system overflows into the river through 16 storm water outfalls.’
    • ‘The construction of the outfall sewer was necessary to relieve pressure on the strained Johannesburg sewer system.’
    • ‘The four westernmost sites - those with lots of port traffic, large sewage-plant outfalls, industrial activity, and drainage from upstream farms - were quite polluted.’
    • ‘She was testing sewage outfalls for ‘gender-bender’ chemicals, and to her surprise found the biocide instead.’
    • ‘The plans to utilise the marine outfall sewer in the early 1990s was lauded by its supporters as the panacea to the area's sanitation problems.’
    • ‘Through the years, sewage outfalls have carried industrial and domestic wastes into the bay, making it highly contaminated.’
    • ‘Effluent is discharged crude via a number of outfalls into the river Shannon which is tidal at this point.’
    • ‘Excess stormwater then flows into traditional stormwater outfalls or ditches.’
    vent, vent hole, way out, exit, egress
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