Definition of outdoorsman in English:



  • A man who spends a lot of time outdoors or doing outdoor activities.

    • ‘Hard-to-please boaters and outdoorsmen are notorious for already having every cool gadget, which makes them difficult to shop for.’
    • ‘He rediscovered the outdoorsman trapped inside of him and revelled in long nature walks and going to the beach.’
    • ‘An avid outdoorsman, he established the city's first full-service parks and recreation department, with a community center and programs for senior citizens and children.’
    • ‘He is an outdoorsman; he understands this on a very real, personal level.’
    • ‘Then I realized that seasoned outdoorsmen probably don't assume that every seal they see has a shark lurking just beneath.’
    • ‘The club is a loosely formed group of people including everyone from avid outdoorsmen to kids who just want something outdoorsy to do.’
    • ‘What happened to these climbers left an indelible mark on an entire generation of outdoorsmen.’
    • ‘This is the market's only water-bottle water purifier - and easily the most convenient water-cleaning device for on-the-go outdoorsmen like trail runners, mountain bikers, and speed hikers.’
    • ‘The heart of the evening is when the outdoorsmen and women assemble in his trophy room for a couple of hours of storytelling.’
    • ‘He's also seen a steady increase in what he calls the ‘pure boater,’ not just the outdoorsmen and women who happen to boat because they fish.’
    • ‘Thanks to this, there is an impressive record of otherwise hardy outdoorsmen who have abandoned their climbs, although always for no particular reason.’
    • ‘In contrast to the walking or autocamping literature, none of these handbooks sought to teach outdoorsmen how to pass through wilderness as a visitor.’
    • ‘I found our guide to be of an interesting breed - a bartender at a local saloon and an experienced outdoorsman.’
    • ‘But gun owners and outdoorsmen in Ohio still aren't buying it.’
    • ‘You know, those guys weren't outdoorsmen, they were gentlemen who would never have gotten past Labrador but for the native people.’
    • ‘He's an active outdoorsman, a hunter, and a fisherman.’
    • ‘The latest offering has become very popular for hunters and outdoorsmen who spend a lot of time in bad weather.’
    • ‘The reward was to have a native outdoorsmen for 24 hours.’
    • ‘Their compactness and convenience is appealing, but for pure handiness and rough and ready durability, the fixed-blade sheath knife is still king and the choice of most seasoned outdoorsmen.’
    • ‘An outdoorsman was lost in the woods sometime this last winter, and the forest service couldn't find him.’