Definition of outdoors in English:



  • In or into the open air; outside a building or shelter.

    ‘it was warm enough to eat outdoors’
    • ‘He has agreed to oversee guest activities outdoors, but he knows he is no businessman.’
    • ‘What was hoped was that increased publicity and more temperate weather would encourage families outdoors.’
    • ‘They are a worthy flag for the rest of us odd enough to spend our winters outdoors in the cold.’
    • ‘On holiday, I aspire to that feeling of health and vitality you get from doing things outdoors.’
    • ‘He'd planned to move his efforts outdoors but the persistent drizzle prevented that.’
    • ‘The animals spend their lives outdoors and are not rounded up every night to sleep in warehouses.’
    • ‘On the onion bed outdoors deep-digging should be done now, and the soil then allowed to settle.’
    • ‘You see, he works partly outdoors and partly indoors and has quite a bit of walking to do.’
    • ‘Try and find a farm that actually keeps chickens outdoors, and buy the very freshest eggs you can.’
    • ‘The larger main barroom, fronted by a large patio, is on the opposite side and faces outdoors.’
    • ‘His face was roughened by days outdoors in the chill spring, his hair more unruly than ever.’
    • ‘When placing potted bulbs outdoors, remember that they do not like frost and that excess moisture can cause harm.’
    • ‘It was a quiet family household, and the man dealt with animals and was outdoors a lot.’
    • ‘The pots were placed outdoors and artificially watered as necessary to keep at approximate field capacity.’
    • ‘North Dakota is too cold to have large gatherings outdoors for nine months out of the year.’
    • ‘In the wake of the recent dry weather, the Fire Brigade are appealing to the public to take care with fires outdoors.’
    • ‘There is simply not enough time to create large ensembles of works outdoors.’
    • ‘However basic the food, it always tastes better outdoors and even better after a long day rafting.’
    • ‘She loved working outdoors and spending time with her family.’
    • ‘Pupils will be able to take classes outdoors on a seating area where decking has been set up.’
    outdoors, out of doors, out of the house, on the outside, externally, exteriorly
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usually the outdoors
  • Any area outside buildings or shelter, typically that far away from human habitation.

    ‘a lover of the great outdoors’
    • ‘Now it's time to head to the great outdoors and scale a cliff, shoot some rapids or hike to the peak.’
    • ‘He enjoyed it as a way to teach people about the environment and how to enjoy the outdoors.’
    • ‘But airmen don't have to hunt or fish to enjoy the great outdoors.’
    • ‘Most of the campers have never been in the outdoors or away from their own families.’
    • ‘Summer camp is normally a time for playing sports and enjoying the great outdoors.’
    • ‘By this time the weather had warmed up nicely and the locals were enjoying the outdoors.’
    • ‘This provides a great opportunity for you to see nearly everything involved with the outdoors.’
    • ‘There is one common requirement, though: a love of the outdoors and a sense of adventure.’
    • ‘I think she had some special fondness for the Lake District and loved the outdoors.’
    • ‘Finally, if you're deciding when to brave the great outdoors, choose a windy, sunny day.’
    • ‘A joint venture to give disabled people in York and North Yorkshire a taste of the outdoors has kicked off in fine style.’
    • ‘Three tiger cubs born in Scotland will this week take their first tentative steps into the great outdoors.’
    • ‘With the summer holidays in full swing, the park is a magnet for youngsters keen to experience the outdoors.’
    • ‘Enjoy the great outdoors without leaving home - camp out in your own backyard!’
    • ‘For these patients now enjoying the outdoors, the future has promise.’
    • ‘There is an abundance of nature words, probably because the people are so fond of the outdoors.’
    • ‘Today in every season of the year it serves as an urban oasis where people stroll, chat and enjoy the outdoors.’
    • ‘The Spring Clean has proved to be a wonderful experience in the past for people of all ages who love the outdoors.’
    • ‘They streamed out of homes in large numbers seeking the great outdoors with a song on their lips!’
    • ‘We've taken the outdoors for granted and now we are in danger of losing it.’
    outside, outdoors, out, in the open air, into the open air, al fresco, out of the house
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