Definition of outdo in English:



  • Be superior to in action or performance.

    ‘the men tried to outdo each other in their generosity’
    ‘not to be outdone, Vicky and Laura reached the same standard’
    • ‘Not to be outdone by the girls, the men's senior sculler won two events.’
    • ‘Not one to be outdone, my mother in the adjacent room has met the sonic challenge with her power-tool drone.’
    • ‘If you look at kids in elementary schools playing sports, the girls excel, often outdoing the boys.’
    • ‘She said the group had outdone themselves in their efforts to organise and collect gifts for this year's appeal.’
    • ‘A peak performer tries to outdo his last great performance every time he takes the field.’
    • ‘Not to be outdone, Adams takes over drumming duties, grinning like a loon.’
    • ‘Not to be outdone there is a growing number of women anglers taking up the sport which shows that angling is by no means a male preserve.’
    • ‘Sprinkled with star performances and exotic themes, celebrity weddings are outdoing each other on extravagance.’
    • ‘Neighbouring towns Newport and Mulranny are not to be outdone as there are also cranes in operation in both towns.’
    • ‘But even he was outdone midway through the half when the home side passed up an outstanding chance.’
    • ‘She's outdone her moonish friend, though the friend, the one with the eyes, will attract a better clutch.’
    • ‘This week, however, it has truly outdone itself, with desirable vehicles to make the fattest of fat cats drool.’
    • ‘The scene was only outdone by the crowd's reaction at the final whistle.’
    • ‘Not to be outdone, the girls followed this act with one of their own.’
    • ‘Not to be outdone the students of the National University of Ireland, Galway will have their say next week.’
    • ‘It doesn't help that the big name cast try to outdo each other with their low-key performances.’
    • ‘But even they were outdone by the ice cream men, who produced the noisiest lobby I have ever heard.’
    • ‘Not to be outdone, it has launched its own top performance range.’
    • ‘No one was going to be outdone in how they were going to do this, and it's just the nature of the market.’
    • ‘Not to be outdone, she's heading to Florida for a week at the end of the month before it gets too hot.’
    surpass, outshine, do better than
    overshadow, eclipse, outclass, outmanoeuvre, out-think, get the better of, dwarf, put in the shade, upstage, put to shame
    excel, exceed, transcend, top, cap, trump, beat, better, outdistance, outstrip, outrun, outpace, lead, leave behind, get ahead of, get further ahead of, gain on, draw away from, overtake, pass
    be a cut above, be head and shoulders above, run rings round, leave standing, walk away from
    outrival, outvie
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