Definition of outclass in English:



  • Be far superior to.

    ‘Villa totally outclassed us in the first half’
    • ‘She removed it, a thick volume about business metrics and outclassing your competitor, a slip of yellow paper used as a book mark.’
    • ‘No other single sportsman is so obsessed with winning or so totally outclasses the rest of the competition.’
    • ‘They were totally outclassed and beaten off the field by a far superior and very good Australian team.’
    • ‘To say they were outclassed would be an injustice, but to say their efforts were more laboured is a necessary concession to Galway.’
    • ‘However, I had a view of what masculinity involved and he totally outclassed me.’
    • ‘They have proved themselves a very capable side this season, but were thoroughly outclassed on this occasion.’
    • ‘They showed endeavour for 100 minutes and were outclassed but not disgraced.’
    • ‘That may have been the case several years ago when Canadian teams were periodically outclassed, but not anymore.’
    • ‘The amateurs from Halifax never showed any sign of throwing in the towel even though they were hopelessly outclassed all across the park.’
    • ‘And are newspapers just outclassing the networks?’
    • ‘Now, only a French-run patisserie outclasses her.’
    • ‘They were simply outclassed by a side improving with every outing.’
    • ‘It is difficult to explain what happened after that but a team that had not performed as a cohesive unit all season came together to totally outclass their visitors.’
    • ‘The economy has grown by more than 9 percent for the past several years, booking 9.9 percent in the first quarter of this year alone, and far outclasses its peers in the region.’
    • ‘There is no doubt Scotland would have been outclassed.’
    • ‘But it was only on the resumption that thing got really interesting, and the home side put up a great show to totally outclass their opponents.’
    • ‘Well, no, it couldn't; it's completely outclassed by the competition.’
    • ‘Their manager may not want his side measured against the Old Firm, but they are outclassing everyone else in the division.’
    • ‘And for 45 minutes they not only looked capable of beating Chelsea, but also outclassing them.’
    • ‘Had he succeeded he would have outclassed one of his predecessors, who was famously described as incapable of walking and chewing gum at the same time.’
    surpass, be superior to, be better than, outshine, overshadow, eclipse, outdo, outplay, outmanoeuvre, outdistance, outstrip, outrun, outpace, out-think, get the better of, dwarf, put in the shade, upstage, transcend
    top, cap, trump, trounce, beat, defeat, better, put to shame, exceed, leave behind, outrank
    be a cut above, be head and shoulders above, run rings round, leave standing, walk away from
    outrival, outvie
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