Definition of outboard in English:


adverb & adjective

  • 1On, towards, or near the outside of a ship or aircraft.

    [as adjective] ‘the outboard wing panels’
    [as adverb] ‘the chart table faces outboard’
    1. 1.1[as adjective](of a motor) portable and attachable to the outside of the stern of a boat.
  • 2[as adjective] (of an electronic accessory) in a separate container from the device with which it is used.

    ‘the computer resides in a single cabinet plus some outboard boxes for disk drives’


  • 1An outboard motor.

    • ‘Years ago, the common wisdom was that four-stroke outboards would never exceed 100 hp because their complicated innards added considerable weight.’
    • ‘Long-tails, which are wooden constructions powered by huge outboards, whiz you out to one of the large dayboats that take you on to your dive site.’
    • ‘I returned the motor to the dealer who promptly gave me a new outboard.’
    • ‘I've crossed that distance by dinghy, kayak, tiny sailboat and a little rowboat with an outboard.’
    • ‘The two powerful outboards churned up streams of white, angry water.’
    • ‘Twin outboards of 115 to 150 hp each are a good choice.’
    • ‘The boats are backed by 130-to 150-horsepower outboards.’
    • ‘We dived from two 20-foot aluminum launches with outboards.’
    • ‘First, it tells me that the outboard on the dory used by the Scottish divers kept stopping and the dory drifted away from the wreck.’
    • ‘If you have an electric outboard available, this too can be used to slow down a drift.’
    • ‘The small outboard wasn't going to win any speed wars, but at least it started.’
    • ‘I had my electric outboard and sounder in the boat, so I was fully equipped.’
    • ‘Other restrictions may involve a limit on the engine capacity of any outboard you may wish to use or even ban the use of outboards altogether.’
    • ‘Petrol and diesel are pretty much on a par now when it gets down to the pennies and so the cost factor between diesel and petrol engines rapidly starts to lean in favour of the outboard.’
    • ‘If you are on a tight budget, consider installing a hydrofoil stabilizer on the lower unit of your outdrive or outboard.’
    • ‘‘We were like a catamaran with two outboards - one going two knots and the other 20,’ he says.’
    • ‘One year, you could be sunbathing on the bar roof; the next, struggling with frostbitten fingers to start a sulky outboard in a full-on blizzard.’
    • ‘Not only would that afford us an unimpeded view of the open sea, the roar of the outboard would also postpone any further discussion on my friend's failed relationship.’
    • ‘It resulted from a sheered steering cable allowing the single outboard to swing with the torque of the prop, turning the boat suddenly and tossing us all into the water.’
    1. 1.1A boat with an outboard motor.
      • ‘By almost 11: 30 Juan and another man appeared from around the corner in a little outboard.’
      • ‘Electric outboards are allowed, and can be hired for £7.00.’
      • ‘Perhaps one of these rubber pontoon outboards would be better.’
      • ‘Surely, he says, each outboard should have had an independent fuel tank, and then at least one engine could have seen them safely home without the lifeboat being called out.’