Definition of out of whack in English:

out of whack


NZ, North American, Australian
  • Out of order; not working.

    ‘all their calculations were out of whack’
    • ‘Something, or somebody, is always out of whack or out of commission.’
    • ‘These equations always seem to be out of whack, but it takes time to withdraw from the hungry ghosts within and give more to the right people.’
    • ‘So financial experts are warning holiday impulse buying can end up throwing your carefully planned budget out of whack.’
    • ‘I did some revisions and ended up removing two or so chapters and throwing the whole order out of whack.’
    • ‘We turn down quite a few invitations here at the Diary to enter journalism awards simply because we are totally out of whack with the subject matter.’
    • ‘Although Hugo's routine has been a little out of whack, I'm sticking to our routine in the hopes it'll pan out.’
    • ‘If the amount of the reporting is out of whack with the reality of the threats, then one place to begin is by better matching the former to the latter.’
    • ‘When he's not, the batting order is thrown out of whack, with hitters moved into slots they are not suited to.’
    • ‘Tomorrow we are definitely doing the routine thing - both of us are out of whack with the clock, and need rest.’
    • ‘As the system aged, exchange rates grew progressively out of whack.’
    out of order, not working, not in working order, not functioning, broken, broken-down, out of commission, acting up, unserviceable, faulty, defective, non-functional, inoperative, in disrepair
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