Definition of out of turn in English:

out of turn


  • At a time when it is not one's turn.

    ‘he played out of turn’
    • ‘In stroke play there is no penalty for playing out of turn.’
    • ‘If you play out of turn, your opponent may require you to cancel and replay the stroke, without penalty.’
    • ‘Examples of discourteous actions are: shouting, freestyling, slapping course equipment, throwing out of turn and throwing or kicking golf bags.’
    • ‘The audience waits a little anxiously - no one wants to applaud out of turn.’
    • ‘There was an incident of batting out of turn.’
    • ‘They should have been disqualified for playing out of turn at the semi-final.’
    • ‘The player was red-carded for shooting out of turn.’
    • ‘Anyone who plays out of turn should be disqualified.’
    • ‘They would then complain to the referee that she had played out of turn.’
    • ‘One of the guards saluted out of turn, slower than the others, and he winked, deliberately mocking.’