Definition of out of true (or the true) in English:

out of true (or the true)


  • Not in the correct or exact shape or alignment.

    ‘take care not to pull the frame out of true’
    • ‘One front tire will start to spin out of true, and when your damage becomes severe, that effects handling a little.’
    • ‘Over several weeks and a lot of cracked pavement neither rim came out of true.’
    • ‘Once you've eliminated hops, your rim will be slightly out of true laterally from the adjustment.’
    • ‘My back wheel's out of true; my front brake makes weird sounds; my seat is tilted and uncomfortable.’
    • ‘I thought it was okay, on the whole, although the eyes are little out of true.’
    • ‘One can actually observe the fact that it is out of true.’
    • ‘‘What is the ‘cataclysm’ but the artist's own energy - some deviant energy which blows apart the world's habitual shapes, dislocates things out of true, only to imbue the remaining fragments with a new intensity.’
    • ‘The front wheel is a little out of true and a couple of spokes are bent, but otherwise the bike looks OK.’
    • ‘Knowledge needs always to pass through this detour of selfless tact, whereby its forms are bent out of true by the shapes of what refuses its clutch.’
    • ‘Doors are being fitted into linings that appear to be either in wind or out of true - several linings appear to be oversize and create fixing problems by far the biggest headache appears to be in the double wardrobe door arrangements.’
    askew, skew, at an angle, lopsided, crooked, tilting, tilted, atilt, dipping, out of line
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