Definition of out of sight in English:

out of sight


  • 1Not visible.

    ‘she saw them off, waving until the car was out of sight’
    • ‘The car beeped at him, and he beeped back and left it on for a minute or so, even when the car was out of sight.’
    • ‘When a friend warned him police were near, and fearing they may think he had been driving, he tried to take the car out of sight.’
    • ‘They were just out of sight when the quiet sounds of footsteps became audible from the street before them.’
    • ‘He waited until the other two were out of sight before walking to his own car and driving to the craft workshop in Catford.’
    • ‘But as soon as he was out of sight of his car the officer realised he had left his keys in the ignition and radioed for help.’
    • ‘He described how the car went out of sight before there was a flash.’
    • ‘I had intended to fit a small bracket on the underside of the bench that would hold a message out of sight and secure.’
    • ‘After waiting until she was out of sight, he got out of his car and walked to the front door.’
    • ‘The roads are quiet, and the landscape is fading out of sight, another day's work done.’
    • ‘It clings tenuously to the stony mountainside in a thin line of hairpins before dropping out of sight.’
    hidden, concealed, not visible, unseen, invisible, screened, covered, disguised, camouflaged, obscured, secret
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  • 2informal Extremely good; excellent.

    ‘the band was out of sight tonight!’
    • ‘His band is out of sight all the way through this album.’
    impressive, remarkable, extraordinary, outstanding, exceptional, staggering, incredible, amazing, astonishing, phenomenal, coruscating, imposing, breathtaking, thrilling
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