Definition of out of place in English:

out of place


  • 1Not in the proper position; disarranged.

    ‘not a hair was out of place in her painstakingly crimped coiffure’
    • ‘He is so suave he won't run for fear of getting a strand of hair out of place.’
    • ‘Another girl decided she had to re-do her hair every time it fell out of place.’
    • ‘Furniture was pushed out of place, walls spattered with teabag stains and the floor was covered in glitter.’
    • ‘Not even a stand of hair was out of place, but that didn't surprise him with the amount of hair spray that she used.’
    • ‘Toby adjusted the man's tie and fixed a hair that was out of place, patted him on the arm with a smile and walked away.’
    • ‘As she leaned her head down to drink her beverage a lock of hair fell out of place into her eyes.’
    • ‘She felt a sudden urge to straighten his curly brown hair where it had fallen out of place.’
    • ‘The young lady in the Range Rover emerges from the rest room with nary a hair out of place.’
    • ‘What seems more likely is that he is now so celebrated by the establishment that he is forgiven the odd pint or hair out of place.’
    • ‘He simply implied that the chair was out of place and he moved it to where he thought it should be.’
    out of position, out of order, in disorder, disarranged, in disarray, disorganized, in a mess, messy, topsy-turvy, muddled
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    1. 1.1 In a setting where one is or feels inappropriate or incongruous.
      ‘the glamorous woman seemed radically out of place in the launderette’
      • ‘Many Scots-Italians feel slightly out of place in both countries, outsiders wherever they go.’
      • ‘The neat and professionally dressed men looked out of place in the homey messy surroundings.’
      • ‘It looked so awkward and out of place up in the forest canopy, I was worried at any moment it might crash down on us.’
      • ‘We were the ones out of place and I do the best I can to deal with it.’
      • ‘Travelling alone, she looked entirely out of place among the skimpily dressed holidaymakers.’
      • ‘While that works in a movie as unreal as Anchorman or Elf, it feels out of place in an alleged family comedy.’
      • ‘He said the distance from neighbouring properties was acceptable and the design of the new building would be out of place.’
      • ‘His diving technique would certainly not be out of place in an Olympic pool.’
      • ‘I wouldn't call the new shelters ugly, but they certainly look out of place.’
      • ‘Snow wouldn't have been out of place and I remember always longing for a white Christmas.’
      inappropriate, unsuitable, unseemly, improper, untoward, inapposite, out of keeping, unbecoming, unfit, misplaced, wrong
      incongruous, out of one's element, like a fish out of water, uncomfortable, ill at ease, uneasy
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