Definition of out of one's way in English:

out of one's way


  • Not on one's intended route.

    ‘I got a lift from a Brummie who took me miles out of his way’
    • ‘‘You don't go 20 miles out of your way to have a cup of coffee,’ he says.’
    • ‘Honestly it's miles out of his way, in completely the opposite direction from where he lives, but he wouldn't let me get a train.’
    • ‘The first few weeks after I bought it I was terrified, going miles out of my way in search of parking or turning places.’
    • ‘Usually she avoided it, traveling miles out of her way to go around it.’
    • ‘Driver reviver stops provide free tea and coffee and give you opportunity to take a break without going too far out of your way.’
    • ‘You don't have to go three miles out of your way just to finish the story.’
    • ‘You go 50 or 60 miles out of your way only to discover it's not worth it.’
    • ‘I ended up walking about a mile out of my way, thanks to following the instructions given.’
    • ‘And one in 10 claimed to drive a significant distance out of their way to avoid travelling on a motorway.’
    • ‘But why should motorists on a multi-million-euro highway have to drive out of their way to spend a penny?’