Definition of out of danger in English:

out of danger


  • (of a person who has suffered a serious injury or illness) not expected to die.

    ‘the hospital said she was out of immediate danger’
    • ‘Melinda's fever decreased slightly, but enough that the doctor believed that she was out of danger for the time being.’
    • ‘It was a day before doctors said Melessa was out of danger and she could see Lauren.’
    • ‘He was admitted to the hospital, and was stated to be out of danger.’
    • ‘She drove to the hospital and found her daughter barely conscious but out of danger.’
    • ‘Initially in a critical condition, Katie is out of danger but still poorly and her father said it was hard to watch her suffer.’
    • ‘Maghrabi quoted doctors on Friday as saying the Frenchman, who had been in a critical condition, was out of danger.’
    • ‘Doctors battled for three hours to save her and it was five days before she was out of danger.’
    • ‘Doctors said the man, who was bleeding heavily when brought in by an ambulance, was now out of danger.’
    • ‘She was rushed to the General Hospital, Sector 6, and is now stated to be out of danger.’
    • ‘We are glad to get this good news, but she is far from being out of danger, and this will affect the rest of her life.’
    • ‘Now doctors say she is out of danger and could be in a children's ward by the end of the week.’
    • ‘The report also noted that Gupta is in stable condition recovering at Bombay Hospital. and is out of danger.’
    • ‘The two were hospitalised and stated to be out of danger.’
    • ‘The 11 injured people who are residents and pedestrians were said to be out of danger after treatment.’
    • ‘The English supporter who received stab wounds - thought to have followed clashes with local Turkish youths - is now said to be out of danger.’
    • ‘The injured were immediately rushed to the trauma centre at Karnal where 10 persons are said to be out of danger.’
    • ‘A man in the same car is now thought to be out of danger.’
    • ‘He was admitted to a near by hospital and is stated to be out of danger.’
    • ‘However a hospital staffer last night said that he was ‘all right’, was communicating and was out of danger.’
    • ‘He is keeping a bedside vigil with his partner who is said to be out of danger but very uncomfortable.’