Definition of out and about in English:

out and about


  • Engaging in normal activity after an illness.

    • ‘This weekend is turning out to be full, but I guess it's better to be out and about in this kind of weather.’
    • ‘Maria is currently a bit under the weather and all her friends and family hope to see her out and about again real soon.’
    • ‘I am always out and about, always doing something, but what I do is nothing.’
    • ‘Again, this was all due to my illness and generally not getting out and about.’
    • ‘Many of the activities for the next seven days focus on getting out and about in the Ilkley area.’
    • ‘We hope they have a lovely time, and the community are looking forward to seeing them all out and about.’
    • ‘Today is this guy's birthday, so if you see him out and about, buy him a drink or a cupcake.’
    • ‘It was a beautiful day to be out and about in Southern California and I had a great time.’
    • ‘All your neighbours are delighted to see you home again and look forward to seeing you out and about soon.’
    • ‘Her family wish her a speedy recovery to full health and her friends hope to see her out and about again really soon.’