Definition of out-turn in English:



  • 1The amount of something produced, especially money.

    ‘the financial out-turn’
    • ‘The economic out-turn for this year is likely to be a general government surplus of about 0.5% of GDP.’
    • ‘This creates difficulties for health authorities and primary care groups in tracking financial out-turns.’
    • ‘And while the out-turn on the public finances for 2001-02 may be slightly better than expected, the bigger picture is not so good.’
    • ‘The monthly out-turn meant that the annual growth rate ticked up to 6.5% in August from a (downwardly revised) 6.4% in July.’
    • ‘On the export side, IT price deflation and manufacturing softness have contributed to the negative out-turn.’
    • ‘Mr Friel also said the expected out-turn by the group for the full year would be in line with market forecasts.’
    • ‘Previous projections for 2001/2002 estimated that 16 per cent of the budget would be taken up by police pensions, but the actual out-turn was 20 per cent.’
    • ‘Spending in 2001 hit 23% and most analysts believe the out-turn for this year will be closer to 20% against the planned 14.3%.’
    • ‘The out-turn is expected to be £13,000 compared with an expected £17,000.’
    • ‘Some 130,000 new jobs were expected to be created in January but the disappointing out-turn was only 21,000.’
    • ‘The likely fiscal out-turn for the year just finished will not be very far different from the Budget forecast.’
    • ‘This would still be a respectable out-turn, and significantly better than all current indications for the euro-zone.’
    • ‘A good economic out-turn and a near-good monsoon have resulted in most Indian companies paying average and above-average bonuses this year, making this festive season a cheerful one.’
    • ‘If that's right, it would suggest March's relatively weak out-turn was a blip.’
    • ‘But it said this was a good out-turn as the construction market was relatively flat.’
    production, product, amount produced, quantity produced, yield, harvest, return, volume, gross national product, gross domestic product, achievement, accomplishment, solutions
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    1. 1.1 The result of a process or sequence of events.
      ‘an entirely implausible out-turn’
      • ‘The out-turn had advantages for Wallace, and led to a unique friendship between the two rivals.’
      result, consequence, outcome, sequel, effect, reaction, repercussion, reverberations, ramification, end, end result, conclusion, termination, culmination, denouement, corollary, concomitant, aftermath, fruit, fruits, product, produce, by-product
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