Definition of out-of-area in English:



  • (of a military operation) conducted away from the place of origin or expected place of action of the force concerned.

    • ‘The ability to conduct this sort of out-of-area training, be it for reconstitution or initial qualification, demonstrates the flexibility of the Flight Deck Training Unit in preparing units for their tasks.’
    • ‘It would coordinate its own military and policing missions within Europe and offer training, intelligence, and potentially troops or logistical support to out-of-area efforts.’
    • ‘The United States's first intervention in the Middle East was also the first time NATO committed troops were withdrawn for out-of-area operations.’
    • ‘They were developed to include former Warsaw Pact countries and now there is general enthusiasm for them to be used in out-of-area peacekeeping operations.’
    • ‘Finally, I would note that the principle of out-of-area actions was established by NATO in the early 1990s after much discussion and debate and has been accepted by all NATO governments.’