Definition of out-by in English:


(also out-bye)


  • Situated or operating in the open air or at a distance from somewhere.

    ‘you don't want to go out-by on a cold day like this’
    • ‘I can sleep well enough myself out-by.’
    • ‘I'm just going away out-bye for a walk to myself.’
    • ‘Bill ushered the amazed Tate out-bye.’
    • ‘“I've been out-bye again,” he announced, “and it's snowing hard."’
    • ‘My apologies for keeping you out-by.’


  • Done, situated, or used out of doors or at a distance from somewhere.

    ‘the out-by land was used for summer grazing’
    • ‘The out-bye land is higher, harsher, of difficult topography, and generally less productive.’
    • ‘His job was to patrol the out-bye areas and check conditions to make sure everything was safe.’
    • ‘Sometimes the out-bye men came down to prowl the houses.’
    • ‘There is little difference between their method and that of our own women spinners in the ‘out-by’ farms.’
    • ‘The out-by farms have lovely names.’