Definition of Ottonian in English:



  • Each of the rulers comprising the East Frankish dynasty of kings of Germany and emperors of the Holy Roman Empire founded by Otto I (912–73), which ruled from 936 (962 in the Holy Roman Empire) to 1002.


  • 1Of or relating to this dynasty.

  • 2Specifically (a) Art of, characteristic of, or designating the styles in painting, sculpture, metalwork, etc., found in Germany under the Ottonian emperors and into the 11th cent., partly a revival of Carolingian art, but also with a strong Byzantine influence; (b) Architecture of, characteristic of, or designating the style of Romanesque architecture developed under the early Ottonians and found in Germany from the mid 10th to the mid 11th cent.


Mid 19th century. From Otton-, Otto, name in post-classical Latin (946) of Otto I (912–973), king of Germany (936–973) and Holy Roman Emperor (962–973) + -ian.