Definition of otter dog in English:

otter dog

(also otter hound)


  • A large hound of a breed with a long rough coat, used in otter hunting.

    • ‘Finally, some observers report, bull terriers were commissioned to smooth out remnants of the otter hound cross that were considered unpresentable after the Airedale had entered the show ring in the 1860s.’
    • ‘A pack of otter hounds proceeded on this morning to hunt Bedale Beck.’
    • ‘When she got him home, she made a strange discovery - the dog has webbed feet since she is an otter hound, bred for medieval hunting when otters could be found on the dinner table.’
    • ‘Early this afternoon I wandered down into the lower car park to find a hunt setting up, big otter hounds anxious for the start.’
    • ‘Almost as soon as legislation was passed to ban otter hunting, a national club was formed in Kendal to look after the otter hounds.’