Definition of otoplasty in English:



  • A surgical operation to restore or enhance the appearance of an ear or the ears.

    • ‘Other procedures available are otoplasty (ear correction), rhinoplasty, liposculpture, penile enhancement and face, neck and brow lifts to name but a few.’
    • ‘The most common treatment for prominent ears is an operation called pinnaplasty - also known as an otoplasty or ‘ear pinning’ operation.’
    • ‘After six months without glue, the skin had healed, and we performed a limited otoplasty recreating his absent antihelical fold.’
    • ‘It took six months for his severe skin reaction to heal before surgeons could perform a limited otoplasty on the young man.’
    • ‘Most otoplasty procedures can be done on an outpatient basis.’