Definition of other world in English:

other world


the other world
  • The spiritual world or afterlife.

    • ‘What happens to him when he comes in contact with someone from that other world?’
    • ‘The Dyak shaman, who escorts the souls of the deceased to the other world, also takes the form of a bird.’
    • ‘The more notes burned, the richer family members in the other world become.’
    • ‘Here is a landscape that shaped a poem, and a poem with a very strange sense of the other world running through it.’
    • ‘The ancient Egyptian dog headed God, Anubis, is also a canine gatekeeper to the other world.’
    • ‘The important thing is that you get the information that you are meant to get while in the other world.’
    • ‘It is since Christians have largely ceased to think of the other world that they have become so effective in this.’
    • ‘He knew it was his time to crossover into the loving grips of the other world.’
    • ‘Animals were visitors from the other world temporarily assuming animal shapes.’
    • ‘Because the other world is timeless, they might stay in this state of limbo for hundreds of years without realising it.’
    • ‘In the other world there was no crime, no hate, no rape, no murder, no pain and no suffering.’
    • ‘It is believed that when people die, they merely ‘take the next boat’ to the other world.’
    • ‘There is much singing and dancing to help coax the spirit into the other world.’
    • ‘The room's lights - a couple of candles - dim obediently as the painter enters the other world.’
    • ‘When using a drum or other percussive, that instrument is opening the door to the other world.’