Definition of other ranks in English:

other ranks

plural noun

  • (in the armed forces) all those who are not commissioned officers.

    • ‘So I think the suggestion that the Deputy Commissioner came up with recently of looking at a change in the regulations, which allows people of other ranks to sit on boards, is probably quite a good way forward.’
    • ‘They suggest a simmering mood of mutiny and not just among the other ranks.’
    • ‘With only two of them there, the separation of officers from other ranks didn't operate.’
    • ‘Normally, the glossier, smoother pelts from female bears are used for officers' bearskins, while other ranks are given hats made from the rougher pelt of the male animals.’
    • ‘During the next few months the unit swelled and by the end of the year there were 422 civilians, 18 officers and 181 other ranks.’
    • ‘The engineers and gunners recruited the more intelligent men, both as officers and as other ranks.’
    • ‘This campaign has opened old wounds and is now creating divisiveness between officers and other ranks in our armed forces.’
    • ‘84 people, including two officers, will comprise the Royal Marines bands which march in the procession, along with 300 Royal Marines other ranks and 300 Royal Navy ratings.’
    • ‘It could be awarded to both officers and other ranks provided that their gallantry had been witnessed by others and that they were still alive to receive it.’
    • ‘Bright lights dazzled us and there was little discipline in the marching as the attention of officers, NCOs and other ranks was drawn to the mouth-watering displays in the shops.’
    • ‘Before 1993 only officers received the Military Cross, other ranks receiving the Military Medal.’
    • ‘But unlike the existing scheme, there will be no difference in the way officers and other ranks are treated - everyone will have to serve 35 years for a full career pension at age 55.’
    • ‘An interesting letter is a hand written weekly report dated December 3, 1921, it details the strength of F Company, which was with just three officers and twenty other ranks.’
    • ‘He got permission to recruit 48 officers and 407 other ranks, to set up a pigeon loft with 500 birds for rapid despatch of intelligence, and to acquire high speed vehicles.’
    • ‘The sample represents 4% of the British Army's 100,000 strength, and includes officers as well as other ranks.’
    • ‘Each detachment consisted of one officer and 22 other ranks, all highly trained combat swimmers expert in the use of small craft, explosive motor boats, midget submarines, human torpedoes, explosives, and mines against naval targets.’
    • ‘The British losses amounted to 149, of which the Dukes had three officers and 17 other ranks killed and 86 wounded.’
    • ‘Some officers and other ranks may be drummed out, and the more sadistic aspects of discipline and training modified.’
    • ‘Another letter to the brigade commanding officer, dated December 3, 1921, listed the strength of the personnel in one company at three officers and 20 other ranks.’
    • ‘In this article, the term ‘crisis reaction forces’ refers to units that include career/temporary-career soldiers and voluntarily enlisted other ranks.’
    other ranks, soldiers and ncos, lower ranks
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