Definition of other place in English:

other place


the other place
  • 1Hell, as opposed to heaven.

    • ‘Soon, the three of them had wreaked glorified carnage on the entire bank, sending many machines to binary heaven and quite a few of them to the other place.’
    • ‘And at the end of it all comes the final, the ultimate audit when our lives hang in the balance before we are consigned to eternal reward, or to the other place, based on the audit of how we lived our lives.’
    • ‘I asked them how did Grandpa get to go to heaven instead of the other place.’
    1. 1.1 Oxford University as regarded by Cambridge, and vice versa.
      • ‘She arrived in Oxford after something of a manic journey - which almost included a journey to the other place.’
      • ‘We look at our erstwhile colleagues and sometime friends - me more than some, because of the proximity of the other place - and we are astounded at how depressed they are.’
    2. 1.2 The House of Lords as regarded by the House of Commons, and vice versa.
      • ‘Of course the real reason so many MPs are in favour of regional assemblies is because it's another layer of bureaucratic parasitical government they can get jobs in when we kick them out of the other place.’
      • ‘The legislation to which she refers has been subject to debate in this House and the other place in the past week or so.’