Definition of osteotomy in English:


nounPlural osteotomies

mass noun
  • The surgical cutting of a bone, especially to allow realignment.

    • ‘The patient was advised of the risks of midshaft tibial osteotomy and lengthening, and she declined surgery.’
    • ‘There are alternative operations depending on how badly your knee is damaged - such as an osteotomy, which may help if only one side of your knee joint has worn down.’
    • ‘Therefore, we felt that osteotomy was successful in avoiding further ligament reconstructive surgery in 11 of the 16 patients, or nearly 70% of the patients.’
    • ‘A variety of surgical treatments for the more advanced lesions have been proposed, including arthroscopic debridement, osteotomy, drilling, and total knee arthroplasty.’
    • ‘The surgeon places a guide over the lateral femur to identify the location for the femoral neck osteotomy.’