Definition of osteopenia in English:



mass noun
  • A medical condition in which the protein and mineral content of bone tissue is reduced, but less severely than in osteoporosis.

    • ‘Over time, the inflammatory pain causes disuse of affected joints leading to generalized osteopenia of whole bones.’
    • ‘Women with severe osteopenia or osteoporosis must be cautious when engaging in physical activity.’
    • ‘The inability to maximize peak bone mass has significant implications for osteopenia and osteoporosis in adulthood, when bone resorption exceeds bone formation.’
    • ‘Radiographs will show osteopenia only after there is 20% to 30% bone loss.’
    • ‘Approximately 13 to 18 percent of women in the United States who are at least 50 years old have osteoporosis and an additional 37 to 50 percent have osteopenia.’


1960s: from osteo- and Greek penia ‘poverty’.