Definition of osteocyte in English:



  • A bone cell, formed when an osteoblast becomes embedded in the material it has secreted.

    • ‘These cells, the osteocytes, have long extensions which pass down an interlocking network of canaliculi in the bone.’
    • ‘This communication network serves for transport of nutrients, waste products, and signaling molecules from the vascular system to the osteocytes and vice versa.’
    • ‘Building new bone is in part a problem of balance: regulating osteocytes, that add bone, and osteoclasts, that break it down.’
    • ‘Satellite cells are a type of adult stem cells that can become myocytes, adipocytes or osteocytes.’
    • ‘Strain detection in the skeleton is thought to be effected by bone-lining cells and osteocytes embedded within the bone matrix.’