Definition of Ossi in English:



informal, derogatory
  • (in Germany) a citizen of the former German Democratic Republic.

    • ‘Meanwhile, an astounding 24 percent of those in the west and 12 percent of so-called Ossis said they want the Wall back.’
    • ‘Employed by a construction company for almost half the wage paid to his West German counterpart, he and the other Ossies were given accommodation in a removals container.’
    • ‘‘The wall in their heads ‘- the psychological division between so-called Ossis and Wessis - did not rise overnight.’’
    • ‘It has helped reduce health inequalities between the former East and West and contributed to a remarkable rise in life expectancy of the ‘Ossies.’’
    • ‘Inhabitants of the Federal Republic of Germany, known as the ‘Wessies,’ had joked that the land inhabited by their eastern cousins, the ‘Ossies’, was perhaps German, but clearly was neither democratic nor a republic.’
    • ‘Using the provincial city of Karlsruhe as a backdrop, The Student Conductor is set in 1989, when the Berlin Wall was first crumbling and tensions between Ossis and Wessis were emerging.’
    • ‘The protest was just one sign of how deeply disenchanted many east Germans, ‘Ossies ‘, are with their west German, ‘Wessie ‘, neighbours and vice versa.’
    • ‘After the initial tidal wave of western capitalist media (try watching German MTV), it seems that ‘Ossies ‘have become at least a little disillusioned with it all.’
    • ‘It was a necessary concession, as the Ossies felt dominated by their western counterpart.’
    • ‘Its the expansion of the West German hostility to Ossies now finding echoes in complaints from London tradesmen about Polish plumbers.’


German, probably an abbreviation of Ostdeutsche ‘East German’.