Definition of osprey in English:



  • A large fish-eating bird of prey with long, narrow wings and a white underside and crown, found throughout the world.

    Pandion haliaetus, the only member of the family Pandionidae

    Also called fish hawk
    • ‘In addition to rare plants and wildflowers, you'll find hawks and ospreys lining the river and a host of waders along the shoreline.’
    • ‘But they're finding it difficult to get research support for their concerns about ospreys and sea eagles.’
    • ‘Eggs from the fish-eating osprey, a magnificent bird of prey with a six-foot wingspan, are particularly highly-prized because of their distinctive markings.’
    • ‘Achnacloich Loch does not come with its own dream house, a fact that will no doubt please the ospreys and other birds that prefer the quiet life.’
    • ‘He worried about the future of the golden eagle, the osprey and the nightingale and he condemned the persecution of the bullfinch.’
    • ‘Among the nearly 200 species found here are thicket tinamou, brown pelican, osprey, king vulture, and laughing gull.’
    • ‘At the moment it is illegal to own eggs stolen from protected birds in Britain, such as ospreys, sea eagles and golden eagles.’
    • ‘This also happens to be where Scotland's most emblematic birds are flying: golden eagles, ospreys, sea eagles, whooper swans, grouse etc.’
    • ‘Secondly, it's a seasonal reminder that ospreys and other birds that do not winter with us have either returned here to breed or are on their way from distant shores.’
    • ‘This creek, popular with fishermen, also is a good spot to sight ospreys and bald eagles.’
    • ‘How many boats going at high speeds are noticing the osprey, bald eagles and alligators?’
    • ‘The islands are home to many bird species, including fish eagles, ospreys and flamingos.’
    • ‘Some of the most common birds of prey here, the bald eagle, peregrine falcon, and osprey, are fish-eaters, though the hawk owl is not.’
    • ‘Life at the marina brings her close to nature, especially the abundant birds such as blue herons and ospreys, as well as some great dock neighbors.’
    • ‘Just months after Edwards Dam was removed, birds such as ospreys, bald eagles, and kingfishers returned.’
    • ‘The carcasses of ospreys, white-tailed sea eagles, deer, black and white storks and herons are also being found.’
    • ‘Good fishing for sportsmen and women also means good fortune for those who must feed their families almost entirely by fishing - loons, ospreys, bald eagles and cormorants.’
    • ‘The farm is also home to blue-winged teals, coots, grebes, and an occasional osprey or peregrine falcon.’
    • ‘In recent years fanfare accompanied the return of species like the osprey and red kite in England and the white-tailed eagle in Scotland.’
    • ‘The creek also is home to ospreys and great blue herons.’


Late Middle English: from Old French ospres, apparently based on Latin ossifraga (mentioned by Pliny and identified with the lammergeier), from os ‘bone’ + frangere ‘to break’, probably because of the lammergeier's habit of dropping bones from a height to break them and reach the marrow.