Definition of Osco-Umbrian in English:



  • 1mass noun A group of ancient Italic languages including Oscan and Umbrian, spoken in Italy in the 1st millennium BC, before the emergence of Latin as a standard language.

    • ‘Down the spine of Italy ran the major group of Osco-Umbrian.’
  • 2A member of any of the peoples who spoke a language in the Osco-Umbrian group.

    • ‘The chronologies suggested for all these invasions are hopelessly irreconcilable, going as low as 2300 BC for the Osco-Umbrians.’


  • Relating to the Osco-Umbrians or their languages.

    • ‘The Osco-Umbrian languages have much in common with the Latin-Faliscan languages, the other subdivision of Italic.’