Definition of oscillatory in English:


Pronunciation /ɒˈsɪlət(ə)ri//ˈɒsɪləˌt(ə)ri/


  • See oscillate

    • ‘This study was carried out to clarify the detailed features of oscillatory motion using atomic force microscopy.’
    • ‘The Black Orpington was created and introduced in 1886 by poultry developer, William Cook.’
    • ‘These X and Z component patterns are similar to those seen for sharks as expected given oscillatory tail movement and the necessity for thrust production.’
    • ‘Our model results have demonstrated that steady flow generally induces larger deformations than 1 - Hz oscillatory flow.’
    • ‘Figure 1 shows that changes in the power of two oscillatory components at different frequencies can be continuously and accurately tracked over time.’
    • ‘Studies so far show no direct evidence saying how the variation of oscillatory frequency as shown in Figs.4 and 5 depends on the sites along axonemes.’
    • ‘What is a better Chicken Black Australorp or Buff Orpington?’