Definition of orzo in English:



mass noun
  • Small pieces of pasta, shaped like grains of barley or rice.

    • ‘But a base of sodden orzo pasta and a sweet blood-orange/habanero mojo sauce do not add to the festivities.’
    • ‘Make the orzo as recommended by the directions on the box or bag.’
    • ‘The very mild curry is sweet with the home-canned peaches, while the chicken is tender and plentiful, and the bed of orzo pasta is a fresh change of pace.’
    • ‘Cover and cook, stirring, for 20 minutes, until orzo is tender.’
    • ‘My favorite side so far is corn orzo, a simple warm salad of rice-shaped pasta, edamame and corn.’
    • ‘The house pork chop (served with a pile of orzo laced with tomatoes and calamata olives) is tender without being fatty, and grilled to a charred, faintly smoky sweetness.’
    • ‘It's an exquisite dish, as is the chicken, pancetta-wrapped and juicy, a side of basil-and-olive-flecked orzo complementing the herby goat-cheese filling.’
    • ‘Cook orzo according to package directions; purée it with a little plain yogurt and a dash of salt in a blender or food processor to make a sauce.’
    • ‘Finally, for the main course there was a choice between a sushi plate, duck leg, poached salmon with a mirin and ginger reduction, and orzo pasta with three cheeses.’
    • ‘The whole of the Greek Feast I was preparing was vegetarian, with the exception of Yuvetsi, a lamb casserole with orzo (tiny rice-shaped pasta).’
    • ‘Check out the crostini of seafood for €7.95 ‘an inspired dish’ or the moreish mussel ragout with orzo, oven roast tomatoes and a basil cream for €7.95.’
    • ‘R. liked the sound of shrimp salad and orzo from Central Market for supper so we stopped on the way home.’
    • ‘This year, my hunch is that another great salad will be making its way around backyards and beaches in the West: It's the orzo with green beans, corn, and tomatoes on page 90.’
    • ‘Since it was short notice I decided to do a little deli hopping (moustache girl wasn't working) and get some good chicken and a little fresh orzo salad with feta and sundried tomatoes.’
    • ‘Bream is not packed with flavour, so it works well with plenty of others. On this occasion, some clever citrus orzo and a prawn tortellini combined with a bisque emulsion to deliver plenty of flavour.’
    • ‘The orzo pasta it rested on was dressed in a simple, clinging sauce of spicy andouille sausage and bits of green and red bell peppers, the heartiness of which only served to emphasize the lightness of the fish - truly amazing.’
    • ‘Tiny, rice-shaped orzo absorbs liquid and flavor much like rice, but it doesn't need to be stirred obsessively for a perfectly al dente, creamy result.’
    • ‘An old friend of R.'s came for a late lunch and although Central Market helped out with the black bean and orzo vegetable salads, I made hot German potato salad and sautéed Portobello mushrooms in olive oil.’
    • ‘Briazz mixes romaine lettuce, chicken, and orzo with artichoke hearts, raisins, almonds, and Parmesan cheese.’
    • ‘Shortly before guests arrive: Make fennel-orange salad; soak saffron for orzo; heat oven to 450 [degrees]; set out purchased appetizers.’


Italian, literally ‘barley’.