Definition of orthotropic in English:



  • 1Botany
    (of a shoot, stem, or axis) growing vertically.

    • ‘In the Champagnat model, the mixed axes have a spiral phyllotaxis and begin their growth with an orthotropic direction before they bend under their own weight.’
    • ‘Two plants were monopodial, while one tree possessed a 60-cm-long secondary leader (an orthotropic shoot arising from the main stem) that had developed about 1 m above soil level.’
    • ‘Branches are orthotropic and morphologically identical to the trunk.’
    • ‘The mature ovules of both species are orthotropic and crassinucellate.’
    • ‘MS indicates seedling main stem, T, seedling ramifications; S, orthotropic shoots on stolon (St); R, shoots on rhizomes (Rh).’
  • 2Engineering
    Having three mutually perpendicular planes of elastic symmetry at each point.

    • ‘In the design of the orthotropic deck, the composite interaction between the steel deck and the pavement under local and global loading was considered.’
    • ‘The orthotropic steel plate deck bridge with a double rib system, is a structural steel member with a steel plate deck welded to a closed steel rib.’
    • ‘West, Vancouver, fabricated the new bridge sections upside down and welded orthotropic troughs to the 16.8-m-wide deck plates.’
    • ‘Renovation techniques for orthotropic steel bridge decks are needed to solve fatigue problems in the decks of these bridges.’
    • ‘Owing to its high strength and stiffness, the orthotropic steel deck system has been widely used in the construction of long-span steel bridges.’